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4 Looks for the Seasons

So maybe you have some solid sets of furniture but would still like to incorporate smaller pieces and switch it up with the changing seasons. It may be warm and humid outside, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting the inside of your home to resemble a sparkling winter in the woods, or a breezy springtime in the countryside.

Your interior may have an overall vibe that you’re thrilled about, but you can also add a touch of flair and fun to go with a certain special time of year. Here’s something to help guide you through decorating your home based on the seasons.


Usual go-to winter decor may include bright pops of red and green mixed with a loud clash of glitter and ribbons. But if you’re someone who may be looking to tone down the typical holiday look, try twisting the room to look more like a winter wonderland rather than Rockefeller Center. Use the space you already have available to bring some shine to the room by using accent pieces in tasteful shades of silver and gold. Maybe that means a brushed metal clock sitting on the mantle, or a snowflake photo frame with a picture of the family inside. Additional twinkling, white lights can also bring the magic of winter indoors while it remains chilly outside.


Setting the mood for spring can be a bunch of fun. Literally! By picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers―like two dozen pink roses or a heap of colorful tulips―it’s easy to set the feeling of spring in any room. It seems like a simple enough idea but the impact a few stems can make is huge for any room. If you feel you have enough color going on in your home and would like an alternative, white flowers or accents can deliver just as powerful of a punch. You can also add muted tones of blues and greens in candles, paintings, and lighting fixtures to find your spring zen.


Start summer decorating with pieces that stand out. Most people begin and end with a beach theme to tie summer together. Do you want to try exploring more than dried starfish and broken seaglass? Then turn it up and infuse with colors of summer foods like the vibrant shades of a juicy slice of watermelon. You can also stick to a healthy trio of tangerine, yellow and coral representing some bittersweet summer citrus. Toss them anywhere from throw pillows on your couch to textured curtains in your living room.


If you’re someone who enjoys a pumpkin spice latte when fall rolls around but thinks that orange may just not be your color, try a few new tricks to get the feel of autumn without going overboard. It is certainly possible to keep things neutral and go for apple reds and beiges to give any room a fall feel. Feel free to feature a plum tablecloth or runner on your dining set to touch on an autumn mood. Deep shades of olive in table trinkets or art can also be a great alternative. If you are open to pumpkins, place just a few around the home. For example, a beautiful glass blown pumpkin would look great on any end table.

At Texas Furniture Hut, we have both affordable and luxurious furniture options and accents to help you celebrate the seasons.

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