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Trending colors of 2019
Trending colors of 2019

Trying to get a head start on decorating your home for the new year? You’re in luck! We have the latest information on what’s trending in 2019 and what you can expect from future designer collections. Take a look as we walk you through the 2019 color palette and various ways you can design around them.

Think modern cool

According to the latest findings from prominent paint company Benjamin Moore®️, the results are in for the most trendy shades that are soon to be seen everywhere. Inspired by the latest wave of modern design and art, you can expect chilled hues of grey, blue, green, and black as they make their way into homes in the year 2019.

Contemporary clean

Start designing around a nice array of dreamy shades of blush, white, off white, and toffee. Use these clean colors to paint walls or cabinets and combine the simple tones with decorative pieces based on the rest of the palette. In other words, keep it simple and stick to one or two foundation shades to build the rest of your home look off of.

Middle ground

In addition to creamy shades of white and beige, the 2019 color palette contains gorgeous hues of mellow moss, light blue, warm ivory, and faded smoky grey. These can be used as beautiful transition shades to seamlessly separate your richer tones from the brighter whites used in this palette. These colors can be incorporated throughout your home on items like interior trim, furniture, and home accessories like candles and throws.

Striking soft color

For those who love full-bodied pops of color, this palette takes on natural elegance in shades of hunter green, deep teal, a balanced variety of charcoal, and muted navy. While the idea of modern may sound plain, there is truly a ton you can do with tasteful bursts of color. Think clean ivory or grey walls and a soft upholstered sofa inspired by nature reflecting tones of navy or dark green. Add in bright white or grey pillows to keep up with the modern theme. You can also throw in these shades with indoor plants and foliage that work well under low or indirect light. Consider incorporating succulents and large-leaf ferns or trees.

Why go modern?

Switching up your interior home style to something more modern is in right now for a number of reasons.

  1. Going for a minimal and simplistic style inspire many to declutter and clear out items no longer used or needed. Modern keeps your home uncomplicated and clean.
  2. Cooler tones and hues are more likely to give off a relaxing feeling upon opening the door. Favored over heavy, bright colors like reds, oranges, and yellows, cool colors can more closely resemble a spa-like atmosphere.
  3. Have a standout sofa that you love? What about a priceless piece of art? Modern design allows one to showcase favorite pieces of furniture and art in an attractive way.
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Best Time to Buy Furniture
Best Time to Buy Furniture
What is the best time to buy furniture? Whether you have just purchased a new home or are looking to add key pieces to your apartment, you should know what’s hot to buy now and what you should save for later.

Patio furniture

You may have just moved to a place with an outdoor patio or balcony that could use an upgrade. You can easily imagine warm sunny days ahead with good food, friends, and tons of memories ready to be made. But just hold on a second before you think about purchasing furniture. Take a look outside. Are there flowers blooming? Have the kids just been released for summer vacation? Then it may not be the time to purchase new patio furniture. The best time to buy outdoor furniture is when summer comes to a close through the end of fall, October and November. This is because outdoor sets and individual pieces go on sale in preparation of the winter months ahead. So just trust us, browse for patio furniture in the fall, and you’ll be ready to go come spring.

Mattress madness

Now that you have the perfect bedroom set, you can begin to scout mattress savings during the late winter (Presidents’ Day) and mid-summer months. Mattress companies—including top-brands like Tempur-pedic and Stearns & Foster—like to push deals during these times of the year as they know people are out looking for the best offers for normally pricey products. Wait for days like these to make a huge mattress purchase and you’ll be resting easy in no time at all!

Best bedroom bargain

Try to stake out the best deals during the summer when it comes to purchasing bedroom furniture. While you may be antsy to get moving on purchasing a new bedroom set, it can be well worth the wait. Post-holiday sales can be beneficial to your furniture buying experience, but summer is when you will want to search the most. You will have a wider selection instead of slim pickings following the holiday season. Wait for super sales and find beautiful bedroom sets for much less than retail prices.

Living room deals

Living room furniture can be a big purchase. The good news is that living room furniture is similar to bedroom furniture in that it is also best purchased during the late spring or summer months. Depending on where you live, colder months can bring a ton of rain, snow, and super chilly weather, making it more difficult to move new furniture, especially large items like sectionals, sofas, fabric or leather, recliners, whether fabric or leather . Shop smart and plan on saving throughout the year so you can splurge on quality indoor furniture you know you will love.

Home office hunt

A beautiful home office can be an oasis away from your job in-person. Within the furniture industry, most furniture companies come out with new lines after February. So wait until spring to take a look at newer office furniture models and different furniture styles you can spend more on, or choose to save on previous furniture collections that are of equally durable value.

Dining deals

When attempting to buy dining room furniture, look out for 4th of July deals and offers that cover entire sets rather than focusing in on one individual piece. By scanning for sales that offer multiple items for one set price, you can get the most bang for your buck so-to-speak.

Entertainment center options

Take a look between the 4th of July and Labor Day for entertainment center deals. Most places like to appeal to their audience during this time knowing that special seasons made for entertaining are coming up including fall (football season) and the holidays.

What is the best time to buy furniture? Whether you have just purchased a new home or are looking to add key pieces to your apartment, you should know what’s hot to buy now and what you should save for later.

Lighting and accessories

When it comes to accessories and decor like floor and table lamps, you can find some surprisingly great deals during the normal back-to-school season (July-September). During this time, many students and parents are looking to buy furniture and basic accessories to get their kids to college. This can be a wonderful time to shop and take advantage of these sales and find the lighting you like for less.

Kids’ furniture

When it comes to  kids’ furniture , it might be smart to stick to the back-to-school season as well. This way, you can get furniture and everything else you need to go with your furniture for less than off-season prices. For example, you can purchase a kids’ bedroom set and get storage shelves, blankets and linens, decor, lighting, and so much more during back-to-school sales.

Seasonal decor

Shop seasonal decor items year-round during season sales. Have a particular love for ceramic pumpkins or artfully decorated snowmen? Find beautiful, quality holiday decor items for much less after the holiday season is over. By strategically shopping around the holidays, you can have top-dollar decor items combined with affordability.

Remember to...

Get the most out of your furniture buying experience and be sure to:

  • Subscribe to newsletters to get constant updates and information on the latest deals available
  • Ask about credit card or financing options to see how you can best budget for the items you love
  • Work your buying schedule around popular holidays; You can swing some fantastic savings with just a little bit of patience
  • Mark in a calendar or planner when the best time to buy furniture falls so you can budget and plan accordingly.
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