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Resort Inspired Home Decor

Create your personal getaway

Can’t get away for the spring season? Or maybe you are just looking to give your home a facelift geared towards something that feels a bit more relaxing. Try the latest home trend in 2018 which incorporates resort inspired décor ranging from using hues of calming blues and greens to tiny nautical touches and nature rich greenery. Take a look and decide how you can bring the vacation vibes into your home.

Settle into a spa-like sanctuary in every room of your home with minimal effort, and welcome the relaxing mood of a resort with these 3 tips.

Painter’s paradise

Some of the most popular paint colors you might see sprouting up consist of cool blues and greys, natural shades of sage, soft creams, and deep tones of dusty rose, coral, and cranberry. Toss them all together, and you get a wonderful spread of paint shades that help create the perfect resort side retreat within your own home. If any of these colors spark your interest, visit your local housewares store and grab swatches and samples to place on your wall before making the change. If painting all walls sounds like too much of a commitment, pick one wall and make it an accent piece in your home.

Luxurious linens

You can change the look of a room with new linens in a snap. Start by introducing bright white towels into your bathroom for more of a spa feel. By matching those towels to other small bathroom accessories like soap containers, toilet seat covers, and wall hangings, you can create the illusion of being at a private retreat.

Take the inspiration to the living room or guest room and drape a soft, fuzzy throw in a deep accent color to balance out a room that mostly consists of oatmeal or cream shades. Expand to any bedroom setting, and consider purchasing new bedding to reflect the resort style that you’re after. For example, find just the right bedspread set in a cool grey to blend in better with what you already have, or pick up something in soft coral to add in a little more island flair. Add accent pillows with intricate designs or watercolor hues way to brighten up your living space.

Dream green

No sunny spa retreat is without its share of indoor plants. In this case, here are a few plants that look like they would be found on a dream vacation, but are fairly common and easy to care for.

  • Zebra plant - This plant has striped leaves and requires a lot of sunlight.
  • Split-leaf philodendron - The philodendron resembles what you might find on a tropical vacation and prefers moderate to bright sunlight.
  • Dracaena - The dracaena resembles a type of mini palm tree and requires medium sunlight.
  • Parlor palm - The parlor palm likes low light and resembles the look of a more classic, smaller palm tree.

Here’s to you and your soon-to-be island getaway. Remember to work your way from room to room and have minimal designs in mind. Anytime you’re in the mood for furniture revamp, come visit us at Texas Furniture Hut at either one of our showrooms in Katy and Cypress.

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How To Decorate Dining Table When Not In Use

Stuck on what to do with your dining room table when you are not entertaining at the moment? One of the most common issues people run into after they have found their dream dining room set is what to do with it when it’s not being used. The good news is that it is a common problem people have and the solutions are simple and affordable.

Instead of tossing coats, and piling clothes onto your dining room table, try a few of these handy tips to keep your dining room clean and attractive when it’s not being used.

Garden party

Begin to decorate using an eye catching centerpiece or flower arrangement that fits the look and style of your home. Start with something simple like white orchids to help keep up an elegant, classy look, or bright red tulips to assist in giving the dining room a nice pop of color. Table decor isn’t limited to floral pieces and can be extended towards other table decor. Succulents can also bring in some of that greenery from outside and make for a great centerpiece. Keeping something that reminds you of the great outdoors can make the inner decor seem more lively and upbeat.


When you’re no longer celebrating the holiday season, take the time to collect some of your beloved items gathered from great travels. This may mean you have an array of artistic artifacts you would love for others to see, or you may have a whole selection of trinkets picked up from over the years. This is the perfect moment to bring them out, set them up how you like, and display them. Worldly items make for fantastic conversation pieces and help give those pieces a special purpose.

Tray display

You cannot underestimate a good table tray. With so many modern twists on the classic, unattractive plastic rendition, it’s easy to find a beautiful tray to hold some of your favorite items right on top of your dining room table. For example, instead of scattered kitchen pieces, keep your coasters, vintage teapot, and an array of teas featured in a solid wood tray to make for both a useful and charming presentation.

Modern art and pottery pieces

If you happen to be someone who is a fan of modern art and pottery, using your dining room table as a premiere display setting for those pieces. If anything, it can add additional room to showcase some of your favorite works of art. Place a sculpture, vase, or other work in the center of the table to draw eyes towards the art itself. Keep the decorations around the piece to a minimum or none at all to make sure the center focus stays where it needs to and doesn’t look too cluttered. Be wary about this type of decor if you have children or pets in your home. It is always best to put large, breakable pieces away or out of reach to avoid hurting your loved ones and keeping your precious art pieces in tact.

Personal touch

Another way to set up your dining room table when not in use is to collect photos you love in frames and arrange an interesting collage for visitors to see when they stop by for a visit. Photos can tell a great deal about a person, and it would be a sweet way to show all of the people and things you love in one standout setting. Print out a few wedding photos you never quite got to before. Take a nice shot from a candid family portrait to place for all to see. You can also take the opportunity to restore old family photos and have sentimental, vintage images that help to remind you of the importance of family.

Sets of simplicity

Think of items you love to see in your home in clusters. For example, 3 candles in your favorite signature beach scent could look great set up on your dining table. Another option can be displaying family pieces you thought you might never use, like those crystal candlesticks that stay wrapped up in your closet.

Asymmetrical objects can make a exquisite addition to your dining space as well. For example, place a matching set of urns on one side of the table and balance it out with a beautiful tray full of coasters on the other side.

Protect the integrity of the table

Before buying expensive bouquets of flowers, and setting them up to your liking, take into consideration what kind of material your dining table is. You want to choose focal pieces that won’t cause any damage to your table. Read up on proper cleaning instructions before positioning decorations. For wood tables, stay away from harsh chemicals and use dry cloths to get rid of dust. For marble, make sure your marble is protected with a proper sealer and wipe up spills immediately. To clean marble surfaces, use an extremely mild soap and damp cloth. Wipe up any remaining residue and dust to keep the marble looking polished. For glass, keep away from placing heavy objects on top of them to avoid shattering the tabletop. Use a microfiber cloth to dust, and glass cleaning solution to keep your table glowing.

Whatever you decide to do to make it yours, all of us at Texas Furniture Hut are here to help. Go online or visit us in store to look at our collection of dining room sets, and other fine accessories to help make your house feel like home.

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