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Reduce Allergens in the Home

You have spent your hard earned money on your home and furniture. But is it possible that your home is causing your allergies to act up? Even if you are someone who takes meticulous care of your home and its contents, you might be missing out on one or two things.

Here are 4 tips to help you make sure you reduce allergens like dust and dander throughout your home.

1. Change air filters

Do you know when you last changed your air filters? The air filters in your home should be changed every 3 months. The frequency of changing your filters should be more often if you have pets. If you still aren’t sure, take a look at what is currently there and take note of its color. If your filter looks dark like it might be filled with dust and other allergens, switch it out!

Changing Your Filter

  • Air filter locations are usually near the thermostat
  • Open up the grill to reveal your air filter
  • Use a high efficiency air filter for better purifying properties
  • Place your new filter based on the indication of the air flow; You want the air flow to go in and through your new filter

You can easily find air filters at your local grocery, wholesale, or home improvement store.

2. Consider new linens

You may feel like you wash your sheets and other bed items often enough. But what if the fabric is the root of the cause? Loosely woven fabric, especially extremely soft fabric, can trap a ton of dust and dander. Try selecting bedding options made from tightly woven materials like bamboo, 100% cotton, and silk. Certain types of fabrics with additives in them like non-organic dyes or chemicals can also irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. There are brands out there specifically geared towards those who suffer from allergies and can provide complete selections of hypoallergenic bedding like Brooklinen. You can also shop online through places like Wayfair to find hypoallergenic options. Here’s an extra tip! Be sure you are using detergent and softeners that are gentle on the skin. Heavily scented cleaners can cause your newly purchased bed set to become an irritant all over again.

3. Tidy it up

Cleaning your home reguarly will heavily reduce your allergy concerns. When dust mites, dander, mold, mildew, and other unwanted irritants are regularly taken care of, there’s nothing left to upset your allergies. Again, updating your cleaning supplies to solutions with fewer chemicals may help as well.

If your home has carpet, it may be time to invest in a quality vacuum. By using an old or cheap vacuum, you may be sucking up dust and dander only to have it spread elsewhere in your house! Take a look at some of these best-selling vacuums you can purchase yourself without having to shell out a ton of cash to get the clean that you need.

4. Consider new flooring

The chances of your home holding more allergens is high if you have carpet in every bedroom. Carpet and other soft surfaces are a usually an ideal place for allergens and dust mites. Though dust mites are nearly impossible to completely get rid of, the amount of them decreases greatly when carpet is removed. Reflooring a home is no easy solution. It can be costly and put you in a bind for a few weeks. But it can be well worth it if you are someone who regularly suffers from allergies. There are a few affordable alternatives to hardwood floors which can run you $3-$10+ a square foot. Bamboo, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl are all great alternatives that won’t cost nearly as much as some top-grade hardwoods.

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Contemporary Master Bedroom Ideas

Want to create the look of your dream room but don’t know where to start? We have some contemporary master bedroom ideas to help you as you are on your quest for the perfect furniture collection. From bedroom sets, nightstands, accessories, and more, we can guide you in the right direction and help you complete your desired home look.

Here are 3 master bedrooms design ideas using standard pieces to create the desired look.

1. White & Greenery

Create a calming contemporary master bedroom just like this one inspired by nature using furniture from our showroom. By incorporating soothing shades of green and blue, you can imitate the feeling of a spa-like atmosphere.

If you see something you like it’s important not to focus too much on the exact color but instead notice the design of the piece. In this case, the accent chair shown is similar to our Pacey Upholstered Accent Chair. “But what about that gorgeous shade of aqua?” You may still be asking. There’s good news! With this chair, you can select from a collection of Broyhill's custom fabrics and choose the one that you love the most! That means browsing through all of the blues and greens you want until you find the one that fits.

As we shift over to the sleeping area of the bedroom, we recommend using a nightstand and queen bed both from the London Loft collection to replicate this home look. Featuring materials made from a thick Acacia slab and hand-forged iron, each London Loft piece offers the same classic yet sleek look you would be looking for. Want another alternative? This Modern Loft queen bed also features a natural wood quality that would fit well with this room.

For the outer portion of this bedroom, we opted for the London Loft dresser to go perfectly with the rest of the items in your bedroom. Complete this look with plants placed on top of the several surfaces available and use this table lamp to illuminate the rest of the room.

2. One Bright Bedroom

When attempting to recreate this sunny bedroom style, you will want to start with deciding what your accent color will be. Here the homeowners have chosen a bold yellow to make their neutral-toned furniture pop against their white walls. Decide what you want and then you can begin putting the pieces together to create a look.

For this bedroom set, we’re going with the Synchronicity queen bed and nightstand by Universal Furniture. These piece feature similar clean lines in the details and are made in neutral shades of ash using natural hardwoods. Keep your sets together and get the matching Synchronicity chest, or mix it up and get something similar in a white wash finish like this Élan chest also from Universal Furniture.

Want more storage? Consider adding the Synchronicity bed bench to place your shoes, bags, extra linens, and everything else you want stowed away. Place in your color accents in the form of an accent chair, picture, frame, fresh flowers, and whatever else you need to help make your bedroom feel like your own personal getaway.

3. Only the Essentials

For a look that is truly minimal, concentrate on just your bedroom set and include only two items. For this look we suggest the Cute As A Button queen bed. This bed has a cushion fabric headboard in a subtle tone that reflects a similar look and feel to the one shown above. The Harper Point nightstand on the other hand offers a simple design while still providing the ample storage you need at your bedside. Whether you would like to stack some of your favorite books on top or set down a hot cup of tea, this nightstand can be a perfect addition to your minimalistic design.

If the look still isn’t exactly what you want, try your hand at decorating and choose a large potted plant, throw rug, or colorful ottoman to add your own touch. With tabletop and floor accessories, you can change the look of an entire room in a snap!

Look for more tips and tricks like this blog for contemporary master bedroom ideas when you stay up to date and check back with us here on our site every month!

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