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Easy Additional Kitchen Storage
Easy Additional Kitchen Storage

For many, the kitchen can be the perfect at-home getaway where you get to feel inspired, create, and whip up new and vintage dishes for family, friends, or even yourself. From the sweet sound of a sharp knife chopping away to the rich scent of whatever you happen to be making that day, your kitchen is the perfect place to unwind. But what about when it’s time for cleanup? Not having enough space in the kitchen can discourage the feeling of wanting to cook. Try some of these handy, affordable tricks to turn your kitchen area into a storage oasis.

Before you begin flipping your kitchen, make sure you have cleaned out any unwanted or expired food. It would be pointless to rearrange your kitchen area with food you no longer need or want. It’s best to start fresh and organize only what you need!

The Fridge

Ever half heartedly crumple an open bag of veggies or tater tots? If you plan on cooking the rest of the bag soon, you can simply close each bag with a binder clip and hang the binder clip onto the racks inside your fridge. This saves space and time having to sort and clean each bag and its contents.

Push soon-to-be expired food to one side of your fridge. This way, you’ll know what needs to be used or eaten first before you go diving into other unopened items. Once you’ve cleared those items out, you can move on to fresher ones.

Did you know that you can hang bottles with metal caps inside your fridge using only magnetic strips or individual magnets? Magnetic holders can easily be found online for a super reasonable price. You simply stick the adhesive portion to the top of your fridge and start sticking! Create more fridge space on top of using magnetic holders by installing additional shelving within your fridge to make more space to stack items.

The Pantry

Additional storage items can change the way you see your pantry. Where most pantries have anywhere from four to five levels, you can always create more by installing shelving. For example, if you are someone who loves to use a full spectrum of spices, you can use a carefully installed corner shelf within your pantry to efficiently stack and line up various spices.

Baskets can be a saving grace when it comes to more bulky items that usually end up lost within cabinets. You can always use canisters to display things like sugar, flour, and so on. But when there’s a product overflow, try placing large items like your rice and flour bags into a basket on the floor inside of your pantry. You will not only have an organized space for these items, but you will also have created additional compartments within your pantry. Switch your baskets to bins if you would prefer them to be better sealed.

The Cabinets

Opening the doors of your cabinets can cause your heart to skip a beat. Will all of my cookware fall out? Is my tupperware going to collapse on top of me? By taking some time to set up your cabinets the way that you’d like, you can help save time and space when moving around the kitchen.

Start by adding in extra racks to better stack pots and pans. You can also use these racks to pile together other cookware such as baking dishes, pie pans, and pot lids. Next, incorporate hooks on the inside door panels to hang small kitchen utensils like measuring spoons and spatulas. Finally, consider adding slide out drawers to help you better organize items like plates, bowls, and other dishes.

When you visit our blog page, we offer so much more than advice on furniture. We provide home tips and tricks to help you create a place you love to retreat to every single day. From the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and beyond, we have helpful blogs for every season.

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Shopping for Sofa Fabrics
Shopping for Sofa Fabrics
Shopping for a new sofa can be exciting. As furniture is usually kept for quite some time, incorporating a new piece can be thrilling. Once you have set yourself a reasonable budget, and have an idea of the type of silhouette you would like for your home, it’s time to consider sofa fabric types before making a final purchase. What’s the difference? Depending on your lifestyle, fabrics can mean the difference of a few months’ worth of use to a few years.

Pet & Kid Friendly Fabric

The longevity of your living room furniture depends heavily on wear and tear and how you plan on taking care of your new item or set. We all love them! Still, pets and kids can wreak havoc on beautiful furniture and leave us wondering, “Why?” Durable and affordable, synthetic fabrics such as microfiber or polyester can be best for stain-prone furniture. Today, these types of materials come in a number of stylish patterns and shades, perfect for adding a touch of decor to your home.

Another fabric you should consider for a tough environment is patio furniture fabric. It’s not just made for the great outdoors! Able to stand up to harsh weather conditions, patio furniture fabric can withstand indoor messes as well like coffee spills, overturned sippy cups, and uh-oh moments from beloved pets.

Quality Leather

Who doesn’t love a luxurious leather couch or power recliner? Leather furniture combines style, function, and a buttery soft feel to fabric that can last a lifetime. However, there are a ton of imitation leather fabrics out there. It should be known that while you can save a ton on pleather or faux leather, true leather lasts longer and is worth the investment. Well made leather should be soft yet have a strong feel to it. Treat your leather furniture well by keeping away moisture and cleaning up messes as quickly as possible with a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning solution.

Cotton or Linen

Both cotton and linen can be two great sofa fabric types to browse when you’re considering purchasing a new one. Both of these fabrics are affordable and can be easier to clean. Style options are endless when it comes to cotton and linen and they are often prone to withstand soiling and wrinkling. Cotton and linen reflect a divine texture and feel soft to the touch even after a few years of use. Upholstery fabrics made from these materials can be professionally cleaned as well.

Fabrics You Might Want to Avoid

While there are a ton of great options out there, some fabric materials should be avoided as they can be delicate, expensive, and liquid absorbent like silk and velvet.

Clothing made of silk should be dry cleaned as regular washing can shrink or damage the fabric. The rules are similar for silk sofa fabric, so it is best to keep any kind of moisture away from it. You should also limit sunlight exposure as it can alter the color over time.

Velvet is one of today’s latest trends in furniture that hasn’t been seen since the 70s. Velvet offers a wonderful sensation on the skin but can end up feeling uncomfortable when upholstered on a sofa. For starters, velvet can be extremely tough to clean and spills can get stuck within the plush fibers of the fabric. Velvet doesn’t handle spot cleaning well, meaning you can be left with stuck on stains and hard grime over time.

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