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What is the Best wood for a Dining Table?
What is the Best wood for a Dining Table?

Nothing looks as amazing in any dining room setting quite like a solid wood dining table. With so many sizes, shapes, woods, and accessories to choose from, you may be asking yourself, what is the best wood for a dining table? Texas Furniture Hut wants to help you answer this question by helping you choose a solid wood dining table that will look wonderful and last for years to come. Here is the information you need to know:

Popular types of wood

Maple: Found mostly in North America, maple is a nice, hard wood that works well for dining room tables. It combines durability with a refined, bright color to give it the qualities most desired in a dining room table. Maple tends to appear light in color with a golden tone but can also veer on the deep golden brown side as well.

Mango: Mango wood comes from, you guessed it, the mango tree! Abundant in places such as South Asia, mango wood is another hardwood that performs well as furniture. One of the greatest qualities of a mango wood dining table is that it offers a high resistance to water, which can be harmful to wood tables. Mango wood on its own usually appears medium in color, reflecting a gold/brown gradient.

Acacia: Acacia wood is native to Australia but can also be found in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. Acacia is a wonderful wood to make furniture out of as it is incredibly durable and produces a brilliant shine when polished. Dining tables made out of Acacia look elegant. This wood can take on several finishes but mostly appears as a rich medium to dark brown with notes of caramel.

Cherry: Cherry has been the crème de la crème of the wood world for many years now. This is because cherry is usually carefully selected before being incorporated into furniture and flooring. Special measures are taken to make sure the wood looks consistent and carries the best visual qualities before it’s used for construction. Prime cherry wood is found heavily in the USA in states including Vermont, New York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Healthy cherry trees can also be found in parts of Mexico. Cherry has a gorgeous sheen, auburn/red tint, and looks lighter in color but can be stained to look darker.

Walnut: Found in its native North America, walnut serves as an amazing wood for furniture. It is a sturdy wood that often shows up in modern designs. Walnut offers a larger gradient of colors and can be extremely light or very dark in color. Walnut has a true grain and looks amazing in a dining room setting.

Wood finishes

Wood can be given various finishes to reflect a different color but keep the quality of the wood in tact. From professional to DIY stain and finish recipes, a new finish can easily alter the look of any room.

DIY Rich Coffee Wood Stain

You Will Need:

  • Unfinished wood
  • Large container
  • 8 c vinegar
  • 1 c used coffee grounds
  • Steel wool


  • Make coffee 3-4 times stronger than the normal serving
  • Save used coffee grounds
  • Place steel wool inside container
  • Add 1 cup used coffee grounds
  • Slowly add 8 cups vinegar
  • Shake and let sit overnight
  • Next day, rub in stain with steel wool to the unfinished wood
  • Let dry about 20 minutes between layers; add as many as needed to get desired color
  • Seal with polyurethane when completely dry (opt to not use sealant for a rustic look)

Caring for reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood can be especially delicate and require special handling. For example, reclaimed wood should be cleaned quickly when there is a spill with a soft, dry cloth. For stuck on spills, lightly dampen the cloth if needed. Do the best you can to keep your reclaimed wood dining table clean and free from dust and dirt by wiping it down regularly with a soft, dry cloth.

When it comes to cleaning solutions, try to only use cleaning products when necessary. Additional moisture can damage the look and quality of reclaimed wood. Another potentially unknown hazard to your reclaimed wood dining table could be the sun. Open homes with natural lighting look wonderful, but can be damaging to wood furniture. Limit the amount of sunlight that your table is being exposed to by closing blinds and drapes, or covering the table when it is not in use by a light, soft table cloth.

When searching for a fantastic solid wood dining table, now you will know the answer to the question, what is the best wood for a dining table? A high quality solid wood dining table is durable, beautiful, classic, and will never go out of style; it will serve you and your family for many years to come. Come on in and browse our larger dining selection to find your perfect dining room addition.

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Trending colors of 2019
Trending colors of 2019

Trying to get a head start on decorating your home for the new year? You’re in luck! We have the latest information on what’s trending in 2019 and what you can expect from future designer collections. Take a look as we walk you through the 2019 color palette and various ways you can design around them.

Think modern cool

According to the latest findings from prominent paint company Benjamin Moore®️, the results are in for the most trendy shades that are soon to be seen everywhere. Inspired by the latest wave of modern design and art, you can expect chilled hues of grey, blue, green, and black as they make their way into homes in the year 2019.

Contemporary clean

Start designing around a nice array of dreamy shades of blush, white, off white, and toffee. Use these clean colors to paint walls or cabinets and combine the simple tones with decorative pieces based on the rest of the palette. In other words, keep it simple and stick to one or two foundation shades to build the rest of your home look off of.

Middle ground

In addition to creamy shades of white and beige, the 2019 color palette contains gorgeous hues of mellow moss, light blue, warm ivory, and faded smoky grey. These can be used as beautiful transition shades to seamlessly separate your richer tones from the brighter whites used in this palette. These colors can be incorporated throughout your home on items like interior trim, furniture, and home accessories like candles and throws.

Striking soft color

For those who love full-bodied pops of color, this palette takes on natural elegance in shades of hunter green, deep teal, a balanced variety of charcoal, and muted navy. While the idea of modern may sound plain, there is truly a ton you can do with tasteful bursts of color. Think clean ivory or grey walls and a soft upholstered sofa inspired by nature reflecting tones of navy or dark green. Add in bright white or grey pillows to keep up with the modern theme. You can also throw in these shades with indoor plants and foliage that work well under low or indirect light. Consider incorporating succulents and large-leaf ferns or trees.

Why go modern?

Switching up your interior home style to something more modern is in right now for a number of reasons.

  1. Going for a minimal and simplistic style inspire many to declutter and clear out items no longer used or needed. Modern keeps your home uncomplicated and clean.
  2. Cooler tones and hues are more likely to give off a relaxing feeling upon opening the door. Favored over heavy, bright colors like reds, oranges, and yellows, cool colors can more closely resemble a spa-like atmosphere.
  3. Have a standout sofa that you love? What about a priceless piece of art? Modern design allows one to showcase favorite pieces of furniture and art in an attractive way.
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Best Time to Buy Furniture
Best Time to Buy Furniture
What is the best time to buy furniture? Whether you have just purchased a new home or are looking to add key pieces to your apartment, you should know what’s hot to buy now and what you should save for later.

Patio furniture

You may have just moved to a place with an outdoor patio or balcony that could use an upgrade. You can easily imagine warm sunny days ahead with good food, friends, and tons of memories ready to be made. But just hold on a second before you think about purchasing furniture. Take a look outside. Are there flowers blooming? Have the kids just been released for summer vacation? Then it may not be the time to purchase new patio furniture. The best time to buy outdoor furniture is when summer comes to a close through the end of fall, October and November. This is because outdoor sets and individual pieces go on sale in preparation of the winter months ahead. So just trust us, browse for patio furniture in the fall, and you’ll be ready to go come spring.

Mattress madness

Now that you have the perfect bedroom set, you can begin to scout mattress savings during the late winter (Presidents’ Day) and mid-summer months. Mattress companies—including top-brands like Tempur-pedic and Stearns & Foster—like to push deals during these times of the year as they know people are out looking for the best offers for normally pricey products. Wait for days like these to make a huge mattress purchase and you’ll be resting easy in no time at all!

Best bedroom bargain

Try to stake out the best deals during the summer when it comes to purchasing bedroom furniture. While you may be antsy to get moving on purchasing a new bedroom set, it can be well worth the wait. Post-holiday sales can be beneficial to your furniture buying experience, but summer is when you will want to search the most. You will have a wider selection instead of slim pickings following the holiday season. Wait for super sales and find beautiful bedroom sets for much less than retail prices.

Living room deals

Living room furniture can be a big purchase. The good news is that living room furniture is similar to bedroom furniture in that it is also best purchased during the late spring or summer months. Depending on where you live, colder months can bring a ton of rain, snow, and super chilly weather, making it more difficult to move new furniture, especially large items like sectionals, sofas, fabric or leather, recliners, whether fabric or leather . Shop smart and plan on saving throughout the year so you can splurge on quality indoor furniture you know you will love.

Home office hunt

A beautiful home office can be an oasis away from your job in-person. Within the furniture industry, most furniture companies come out with new lines after February. So wait until spring to take a look at newer office furniture models and different furniture styles you can spend more on, or choose to save on previous furniture collections that are of equally durable value.

Dining deals

When attempting to buy dining room furniture, look out for 4th of July deals and offers that cover entire sets rather than focusing in on one individual piece. By scanning for sales that offer multiple items for one set price, you can get the most bang for your buck so-to-speak.

Entertainment center options

Take a look between the 4th of July and Labor Day for entertainment center deals. Most places like to appeal to their audience during this time knowing that special seasons made for entertaining are coming up including fall (football season) and the holidays.

What is the best time to buy furniture? Whether you have just purchased a new home or are looking to add key pieces to your apartment, you should know what’s hot to buy now and what you should save for later.

Lighting and accessories

When it comes to accessories and decor like floor and table lamps, you can find some surprisingly great deals during the normal back-to-school season (July-September). During this time, many students and parents are looking to buy furniture and basic accessories to get their kids to college. This can be a wonderful time to shop and take advantage of these sales and find the lighting you like for less.

Kids’ furniture

When it comes to  kids’ furniture , it might be smart to stick to the back-to-school season as well. This way, you can get furniture and everything else you need to go with your furniture for less than off-season prices. For example, you can purchase a kids’ bedroom set and get storage shelves, blankets and linens, decor, lighting, and so much more during back-to-school sales.

Seasonal decor

Shop seasonal decor items year-round during season sales. Have a particular love for ceramic pumpkins or artfully decorated snowmen? Find beautiful, quality holiday decor items for much less after the holiday season is over. By strategically shopping around the holidays, you can have top-dollar decor items combined with affordability.

Remember to...

Get the most out of your furniture buying experience and be sure to:

  • Subscribe to newsletters to get constant updates and information on the latest deals available
  • Ask about credit card or financing options to see how you can best budget for the items you love
  • Work your buying schedule around popular holidays; You can swing some fantastic savings with just a little bit of patience
  • Mark in a calendar or planner when the best time to buy furniture falls so you can budget and plan accordingly.
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Entryway Options for Autumn

You still have time to spruce up the look of your entryway before the holidays truly begin. Whether you’re looking for countryside chic, modern touches, or comfortable cool styles, we have some easy-to-follow entryway ideas that go perfect with an autumn twist.

Fall in the countryside

To get a fall entryway style that exudes autumn, you can always go for a rustic classic look. If you have room for an entryway table, try to incorporate one with a live edge. Rich wood pieces of furniture can set just the right tone for your countryside style. Place small wicker baskets underneath or beside your table to store shoes, small blankets or pet items like collars and leashes for easy access. Have a decorative bowl on display of fresh fruits like apples or mini pumpkins to add a detailed rustic touch. For wall decor, place an aged wood framed mirror. The wood will complement your table while the mirror offers additional light toward the front section of your home.

Modern touch

Modern designs include clean lines and a simple color palette, usually black and white with pops of color. To follow a modern approach to your entryway, place a simply designed bed bench near the front door. Here you can store anything from shoes and handbags to blankets and decorative pillows.

Add a personal touch by stacking decorative boxes to create a visually pleasing geometric shape that can also potentially store small items. Your entryway table is a prime place to display your favorite works of art or small sculptures. You can consider a pop of color within your modern design in the form of artwork as well. Create a beautiful backdrop with a painting you acquired overseas or hang a brightly toned mosaic mirror to achieve your accented look.

Fashion & function

Create a space that looks attractive and offers some sort of functionality. For example, find an entryway table that has a few small drawers or cubbies for added storage. You can then place things you might need such as notepads, pens, and a space to put your keys or purse. It’s even possible to store items here such as today’s mail and coupons you want to have handy. Next to your entry table of choice, you can place an umbrella holder and standing coat rack for those rainy days that are yet to come. The idea here is to keep things in this area you know you might need right before leaving the house. You can then add a colorful vase of fall flowers to add some seasonal flair.

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Decorating For All On A Budget
Decorating For All On A Budget

For many, fall can be an exciting time of the year! Along with pumpkin-flavored everything, and more time to spend with family and friends, fall can transform your home decor! Celebrating a mixture of traditional and modern, here are our recommendations when you’re decorating for fall on a budget.

It is completely acceptable to want a fall season home look that doesn’t scream cheap! So if you are afraid of opening your eyes to a home covered in small plastic pumpkins with tiny dishes filled with candy corn, take a deep breath and relax. There is so much more you can do with fall styles that look affordable but not tacky.

Welcome in autumn

A good place to start sprucing up for fall is right outside. Porch decorating can be a great way to bring in an air of welcome to those who are visiting. You can start by getting an idea of what you would like your front porch area to look like when others visit. Envision elaborately painted pumpkins? What about a thread of faux fall leaves intertwined through your fence? Put your ideas down on paper and map out what you would need to DIY or buy at your local craft store. You’ll be surprised how affordable decor can be when you do it yourself.

...........................................................................................................DIY Mesh Fall Wreath

Materials Needed:

  • Wire wreath frame (18 in. works well for most standard-sized doors)
  • Chosen selection of garland (Min 60 ft.)
  • Faux accent florals or vegetation (autumn leaves, apples, mini pumpkins, etc. will work for fall)
  • Twine
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks


  1. Map out where you would like all of your accent pieces to go. Take a photo with them unset so you will remember when you need them for the final step.
  2. Take your garland and twine it down to the frame of your wreath.
  3. Weave your garland or ribbon in and out of the wire frame. Create large loops with your ribbon to give the wreath its shape. Use twine to tie down your ends after each loop.
  4. Repeat the process all the way around until you have a nice full wreath.
  5. Take a second glance at the photo you took with your placed accent pieces. Hot glue each accent piece down to your wreath in your desired pattern.

That’s it! You have just created a beautiful wreath for your home. Just add a ribbon to hang your new wreath from your front door.

Fall fillings & fresh finds

On top of DIY projects, you can use some of what you have around the home to stand as a foundation for your fall decorations. Have empty vases or decorative bowls lying around? Utilize your containers by filling them with affordable craft options like potpourri, cut and dried fall leaves, dried magnolia leaves, and pine cones.

Aside from using dried options you can also make a visit to a flower shop or grocery store to pick up fresh stems that are in season. Construct a bouquet featuring orange gerberas, bi-color roses, chrysanthemums, marigolds, Queen Anne's lace, and waxflower. By displaying a group of florals with orange, red, and rich yellow tones, you can successfully set a mood that fits in well with fall. For those with children or pets, don’t forget to check with your floral expert to be sure that the plants you are bringing home aren’t toxic.

Autumn air inside

Sometimes, nothing can capture the feel of a season like a light scent can. When it comes to autumn, some signature smells you might find include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Nutmeg
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Vanilla
  • Clove
  • Orange
  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Cedar
  • Sage
  • Ginger

Recreate and blend scents to find your favorite fall combo. Try to stick to a mix of four scents or less so you can establish a blend that isn’t too overwhelming.

Pumpkin Apple Pie Diffuser Blend

Materials Needed:

  • Diffuser made to mist essential oils
  • Unused reeds for your diffuser
  • Clove essential oil
  • Nutmeg essential oil
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Ginger essential oil

Combine 1 drop clove, 1 drop nutmeg, 3 drops ginger, and 5 drops of cinnamon oil to your diffuser and enjoy the sweet and spicy scents of fall as they disperse throughout your home.

...........................................................................................................Thrift throughout your city

One of the most amazing places to find fall decor ideas is at your nearby thrift store. By taking your inexpensive fall decorating hunt to the thrift store, you can choose from a ton of affordable fall-inspired finds such as floral arrangements, outdoor decor, premade decorations, and so much more.

BONUS TIP: Shop all year long to get the best savings when decorating for fall on a budget!

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Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Before holiday parties and friendsgiving events begin, ask yourself, “When is the last time I really cleaned my kitchen?” Still thinking? Then it may be time to put in a little elbow grease and perform a deep clean on one of the most used rooms in your home. Before you have family and friends over to enjoy a tasty meal you should be able to get some peace of mind and clean everything from your fridge to your trash cans!

Tackle the fridge

That’s right! Start your cleaning day with a bang and handle the big stuff first. Grab a trash bag and dump out all of your old food and leftovers. Next, take everything else out and set things aside. If you have removable shelves, take them out and give them a good wipe down with a disinfecting cleaning solution. Make sure your shelves are dry before putting them back in. Place useable food back where they belong. Don’t forget to clean the drawers and shelving that lie within your refrigerator door as well.

Natural all purpose cleaner recipe

  • 2 cups water
  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • 1 tsp. dish soap
  • 1 tsp. baking soda

In a large empty spray bottle, combine your water, white vinegar, gentle dish soap, and baking soda. Shake well to mix before use.

Clear sink gunk

Next, take on sink gunk with some cleaner, a sponge, and a small brush or old toothbrush. Before you start cleaning, put some water in a pot and let it boil on the stove. It might sound strange but it will come in handy towards the end. Next, use a tough acting sink scrub to coat your entire sink. Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. After cleaning your entire sink, try to get a little extra in the drain portion of your sink and scrub that area with a small brush. Continue this method if your brush continues to come out dirty. When your water is boiling, take it off of the stove and carefully start pouring it down the drain. This should clear out anything that may be left leaving your sink sparkling.

Natural sink scrub recipe

  • 3 tbsp. castile soap
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • Lemon juice

In a small bowl, mix your castile soap and baking soda. Add lemon juice until a thick paste forms. Mix well before using.

Oven scrub & stove

Moving on to some of your larger home appliances, you can use the same recipe for your natural sink scrub to clean your oven and stove. Begin by making your paste and set it aside. If you happen to be using a non-electric stovetop, you will want to remove the grills off of each burner before you begin cleaning. You should also take out the racks within your oven. Place your grills and racks in the sink for now while you coat the inside of your oven and stove top in cleaning paste. Let the paste sit before wiping clean. For a true deep clean, let the paste within your oven sit overnight. If you don’t have that kind of time, try letting it sit for 2 hours. While you are waiting, you can use this time to scrub your grills and racks with either the paste or a multipurpose cleaner. Set them aside to dry when cleaned. Use a rag and a bottle of undiluted distilled white vinegar to wipe the paste clean from your appliances. Place the grills back on your stovetop and clean racks back in your oven. You can now enjoy your newly cleaned kitchen appliances!

Final touches

Reuse your all purpose cleaner from earlier to clear out smaller kitchen appliances such as the microwave, toaster oven, and toaster. Apply the solution generously and wipe away stuck on food and grease. Wipe down your countertops, sweep, and mop as best you can. Don’t forget the corners and baseboards! For the final touch, place some freshly cut lemon slices down the drain of your sink and use the garbage disposal to disperse the juice and clean the blades.

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Rustic Dining Room Ideas

For many people the idea of a country-inspired dining room design brings fond ideas of home cooked meals, family, and a feeling of “the good old days”. Perfect for the home that would like the focus to be around comfort rather than a minimalistic structured design, here are some rustic dining room ideas that are sure to bring the family together in style.

Natural elements

Rustic looks are often inspired by nature. Although some might think the term “rustic” means bland or simple, it can not only be far from it, but also can display a beauty that directly reflects things one would find in in the great outdoors.

To get a start on your rustic dining space, it’s best to begin with the base of your dining set. One of the most classic and practical materials used for a dining room table is wood. Since ancient times, wood has been a popular material to use in a number of pieces of furniture from bed frames and chairs to tables and accent pieces. Wood is sturdy, reliable, and fairly easy to clean, so it only makes sense to buy a quality wood dining table and chairs to match that will last for years to come.

On top of finding hardwood items that blend in with your home look, try to incorporate weathered pieces into your design. For example, you can place a large distressed mirror on the wall to add more light into the room as well as follow a rustic design. Or you can add a roughly finished dish cabinet in your dining area to go along with a rustic theme. Anything that looks as though it has aged gracefully can add a sense of sophisticated style to your dining situation.

Coordinating décor

Your rustic look will come down to the final details. Rustic touches can come in the form of a few things including:

.Color — When you are searching for a color palette for a rustic look, turn to shades of rich clay, natural green, brick red, brown, muted grey, and soft or denim blues. You can use these shades to pop against weathered or solid wood pieces throughout the room.

.Metal Accessories — Think of brushed metal pieces including lighting fixtures or pendant lights, cutlery, and dish sets. Stick to a palette of antique silver, rose gold, or classic gold to best complete your dining details.

.Plants & Flowers — Choose fresh stems of whatever is in season to set the mood for the meal.Try a varied bundle of wildflowers for your Sunday brunch, or select a few sprigs of lavender with some garden roses for a romantic night in. You can expand your plant selection to succulents and fragrant herbs for more options, but be careful of putting certain plants within the reach of children and pets.

.Art — Rustic art can be found in portraits and paintings that resemble mountains, oceans, forests, and tons of other outdoor displays. Animals can be another great focal point for your art piece as well. Whether it’s in the form of a sculpture or framed piece, you can’t truly go wrong.

.Small Objects — Stuck on accessories? This is the perfect time to find your favorite knick knacks and place them where you see fit. If you hate the idea of loose items hanging around, find ones that also serve a purpose. For example, a woven branch basket can hold an array of fresh fruit. You can also use two heavy pieces of agate to make a beautiful napkin holder.

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Reduce Allergens in the Home

You have spent your hard earned money on your home and furniture. But is it possible that your home is causing your allergies to act up? Even if you are someone who takes meticulous care of your home and its contents, you might be missing out on one or two things.

Here are 4 tips to help you make sure you reduce allergens like dust and dander throughout your home.

1. Change air filters

Do you know when you last changed your air filters? The air filters in your home should be changed every 3 months. The frequency of changing your filters should be more often if you have pets. If you still aren’t sure, take a look at what is currently there and take note of its color. If your filter looks dark like it might be filled with dust and other allergens, switch it out!

Changing Your Filter

  • Air filter locations are usually near the thermostat
  • Open up the grill to reveal your air filter
  • Use a high efficiency air filter for better purifying properties
  • Place your new filter based on the indication of the air flow; You want the air flow to go in and through your new filter

You can easily find air filters at your local grocery, wholesale, or home improvement store.

2. Consider new linens

You may feel like you wash your sheets and other bed items often enough. But what if the fabric is the root of the cause? Loosely woven fabric, especially extremely soft fabric, can trap a ton of dust and dander. Try selecting bedding options made from tightly woven materials like bamboo, 100% cotton, and silk. Certain types of fabrics with additives in them like non-organic dyes or chemicals can also irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. There are brands out there specifically geared towards those who suffer from allergies and can provide complete selections of hypoallergenic bedding like Brooklinen. You can also shop online through places like Wayfair to find hypoallergenic options. Here’s an extra tip! Be sure you are using detergent and softeners that are gentle on the skin. Heavily scented cleaners can cause your newly purchased bed set to become an irritant all over again.

3. Tidy it up

Cleaning your home reguarly will heavily reduce your allergy concerns. When dust mites, dander, mold, mildew, and other unwanted irritants are regularly taken care of, there’s nothing left to upset your allergies. Again, updating your cleaning supplies to solutions with fewer chemicals may help as well.

If your home has carpet, it may be time to invest in a quality vacuum. By using an old or cheap vacuum, you may be sucking up dust and dander only to have it spread elsewhere in your house! Take a look at some of these best-selling vacuums you can purchase yourself without having to shell out a ton of cash to get the clean that you need.

4. Consider new flooring

The chances of your home holding more allergens is high if you have carpet in every bedroom. Carpet and other soft surfaces are a usually an ideal place for allergens and dust mites. Though dust mites are nearly impossible to completely get rid of, the amount of them decreases greatly when carpet is removed. Reflooring a home is no easy solution. It can be costly and put you in a bind for a few weeks. But it can be well worth it if you are someone who regularly suffers from allergies. There are a few affordable alternatives to hardwood floors which can run you $3-$10+ a square foot. Bamboo, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl are all great alternatives that won’t cost nearly as much as some top-grade hardwoods.

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Contemporary Master Bedroom Ideas

Want to create the look of your dream room but don’t know where to start? We have some contemporary master bedroom ideas to help you as you are on your quest for the perfect furniture collection. From bedroom sets, nightstands, accessories, and more, we can guide you in the right direction and help you complete your desired home look.

Here are 3 master bedrooms design ideas using standard pieces to create the desired look.

1. White & Greenery

Create a calming contemporary master bedroom just like this one inspired by nature using furniture from our showroom. By incorporating soothing shades of green and blue, you can imitate the feeling of a spa-like atmosphere.

If you see something you like it’s important not to focus too much on the exact color but instead notice the design of the piece. In this case, the accent chair shown is similar to our Pacey Upholstered Accent Chair. “But what about that gorgeous shade of aqua?” You may still be asking. There’s good news! With this chair, you can select from a collection of Broyhill's custom fabrics and choose the one that you love the most! That means browsing through all of the blues and greens you want until you find the one that fits.

As we shift over to the sleeping area of the bedroom, we recommend using a nightstand and queen bed both from the London Loft collection to replicate this home look. Featuring materials made from a thick Acacia slab and hand-forged iron, each London Loft piece offers the same classic yet sleek look you would be looking for. Want another alternative? This Modern Loft queen bed also features a natural wood quality that would fit well with this room.

For the outer portion of this bedroom, we opted for the London Loft dresser to go perfectly with the rest of the items in your bedroom. Complete this look with plants placed on top of the several surfaces available and use this table lamp to illuminate the rest of the room.

2. One Bright Bedroom

When attempting to recreate this sunny bedroom style, you will want to start with deciding what your accent color will be. Here the homeowners have chosen a bold yellow to make their neutral-toned furniture pop against their white walls. Decide what you want and then you can begin putting the pieces together to create a look.

For this bedroom set, we’re going with the Synchronicity queen bed and nightstand by Universal Furniture. These piece feature similar clean lines in the details and are made in neutral shades of ash using natural hardwoods. Keep your sets together and get the matching Synchronicity chest, or mix it up and get something similar in a white wash finish like this Élan chest also from Universal Furniture.

Want more storage? Consider adding the Synchronicity bed bench to place your shoes, bags, extra linens, and everything else you want stowed away. Place in your color accents in the form of an accent chair, picture, frame, fresh flowers, and whatever else you need to help make your bedroom feel like your own personal getaway.

3. Only the Essentials

For a look that is truly minimal, concentrate on just your bedroom set and include only two items. For this look we suggest the Cute As A Button queen bed. This bed has a cushion fabric headboard in a subtle tone that reflects a similar look and feel to the one shown above. The Harper Point nightstand on the other hand offers a simple design while still providing the ample storage you need at your bedside. Whether you would like to stack some of your favorite books on top or set down a hot cup of tea, this nightstand can be a perfect addition to your minimalistic design.

If the look still isn’t exactly what you want, try your hand at decorating and choose a large potted plant, throw rug, or colorful ottoman to add your own touch. With tabletop and floor accessories, you can change the look of an entire room in a snap!

Look for more tips and tricks like this blog for contemporary master bedroom ideas when you stay up to date and check back with us here on our site every month!

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How To Revamp Old Furniture

Furniture is often something you intend to buy in hopes that it will last for years to come. But how do you know that you will still love the same piece of furniture twenty or even forty years from now? The fact of the matter is, you don’t! The good news is that you can do a few things to create the home look that you want at an affordable cost. Whether you have a piece of furniture that you know needs some sprucing up or an item that’s been handed down to you, you can use one of these useful tricks to update the look of your furniture.

Paint old pieces

Consider painting your outdated piece of furniture. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to paint wood furniture that best reflects your new sense of style.

  1. Remove hardware like drawer handles and pulls.
  2. Erase any trace of sticky or tacky residue from your furniture. Do this by first wiping down furniture with a solvent made to remove this type of residue (liquid TSP substitute works well for this step). A simple solution of mild soap and warm water will also work in some cases. Here’s more information on our blog on how to properly clean different pieces of furniture.
  3. Once completely dry, use a soft cloth to remove dust.
  4. Sand down to get a smooth and even finish. For larger pieces, you may want to consider purchasing or using a professional sander. For small pieces of wood furniture, you may be able to use handheld sandpaper to get the job done. Be sure to sand with the grain to ensure a silky surface.
  5. Carefully dust off all of the excess wood particles to ensure a smooth paint job.
  6. Prime your wood furniture with a nice coat of clear shellac made for furniture.
  7. Now you can paint! Use a paint that can easily be used on wood furniture. Have your heart set on a favorite color but don’t know if you can use it? Ask your local home department store if you are unsure about a paint product. Some safe choices in paint include chalk paint or paint with a satin or matte finish. Paint a second coat based on the directions on the paint can you are using.
  8. Use a top seal coat if necessary and let dry completely.
  9. Replace hardware and enjoy your new piece of furniture! BONUS TIP: Purchase new hardware to update the overall look of your wood furniture.

Refinish old wood

A fun way to refinish your old wood is by using 100% natural coconut oil. First, you may want to fill in any imperfections or holes with wood glue. Then, you can sand in some sawdust with the glue to create the perfect fill. By using a steel wool sponge and a bit of coconut oil, buff the oil into your wood to give it a sheen of moisture. Wipe away the excess coconut oil to refine its finish.

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