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How Tall Should A Table Lamp Be

Table lamps can be a fantastic way to bring in some extra light into your home when your ceiling light just doesn’t do enough to illuminate the room. They can also make great accessories and add decorative flair on top of side tables. Today, table lamps come in a number of shapes and sizes at affordable prices. But how do you know if the one you like will fit your room? How tall should a table lamp be to make my home look more welcoming? Here’s an easy-to-follow guide of what to look for in a table lamp.

Measure carefully

Buying a lamp before you have measured your space can be disastrous. Your lamp height can stand too high, which would light up too much of the room, or it can sit too low, which would defeat its purpose. You do not want to spend good money on something that doesn’t fit. You can avoid this from happening by measuring the table you hope to place your new lighting piece on, and take note of its circumference to get the right lamp size. Here are a few different ways you can map out how high your table lamp should be in each room.

  • A good rule of thumb for a living room setting is that you will want your lamp shade to sit within eye level, or about 24 - 34 inches tall. That way you’ll be able to read your favorite book or work with ease under enough light when seated.
  • If you plan on having bedroom lamps, you will need to purchase a lamp based on the height of your nightstand. The top of your nightstand should reach to the top of your mattress. From there, the bottom portion of your lamp shade should be about where your chin is when you are sitting upright in bed (about 24 - 27 inches).
  • The placement of your table lamp will depend on the type of desk you have in a home office. Your lamp should sit high enough to illuminate whatever it is that you are working on when seated (about 30 inches).

Choosing a style for your table lamp will depend solely on your personal taste. Here are a few categories you help get the hunt going.

Modern - To match a modern home look, find a table lamp that features clean lines and solid colors. Select shades like cream, buff, and off-white to go with a neutral room. Opt for bold pops of color like red or navy to stand out, or color block for an artsy touch.

Traditional - If bold colors and sharp lines aren’t your scene, try a traditional table lamp with a simple stable base and shade to coordinate. Solid or lightly patterned shades work with most decor.

Classic elegance - If you like to live for a little bit of color, a stained glass table lamp might be for you. Delicately crafted and painted table lamps can give off a colorful glow while looking refined.

Artistic flair - Explore cool designs that replicate works of art when looking for a table lamp. It can not only be a good conversation starter but can also double as a piece of decor.

Take photos of your home to bring in store and explore your table lamp options before you buy. Read care instructions and remind yourself to clean your lamp appropriately. In most cases, a weekly dusting will keep it looking brand new every time you turn it on.

Lighting quality

Now that you know how tall should a table lamp be, you can pick out the type of lighting you want in your home. Keep in mind that different lamps may require different bulbs. Jot down the wattage your lamp allows and then you can decide what lighting you want from there. If you enjoy a brighter lighting situation, you might want to look into cooler lighting that more closely resembles daytime. This type of lighting does well in a larger area like the living room. If you would like to create a space that is more relaxing, warm lighting might set the mood for you just right. This variation of lighting does best in a room that is meant to be more cozy like a bedroom or a library. If you find that you don’t have any room for a table lamp, a good floor lamp might be what’s best for you.

Take a look at our selection of lamps and other tabletop accessories to add style to your home. Shop Texas Furniture Hut and save on luxury furniture every day.

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Clean & Store Winter Blankets

Finding the perfect winter blanket can be such a treat. It becomes your best friend when the days turn chilly and nothing makes you feel more comfortable than when you’re all snuggled up in its warmth. But now summer is here and you find that your best winter blanket or comforter is simply taking up more space in your home than you wish it would.

We have your 4 favorite blanket materials and detailed descriptions on how to clean and store each one properly so that you can have them on hand when the cold weather returns.

1. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are amazing. They present the right amount of comfort through a blend of soft fabrics and weighted materials that make it feel like a firm hug. But you have moved beyond the need for the extra warmth as it seems just a bit too hot to keep it by your side. The optimal thing you can do now before you store is wash your blanket with cool water and a gentle detergent. Air dry your weighted blanket if you can, or place it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting to fully dry it out. Fold up your blanket and keep it in a dry place like an ottoman or storage chest.

2. Down comforter

Down comforters are lightweight and soft, but can be a bit tough to store when the weather gets warm. Since down comforters are so plush they can also be bulky and difficult to put away. How can you be sure that your comforter will stay fresh? Before you decide to put your comforter away, take the delicate material and get it dry cleaned by a professional. Next, try to fold it up and place it in a storage container or up on a rack to sit until you are ready to use it again. Avoid placing anything heavy on top of your comforter as it can compress the material and make it lose some of its comforting qualities.

3. Wool

Wool blankets are the ultimate tool you need when the temp is freezing. They provide an astounding amount of warmth and make a great decor addition to any room. When you want to pack your wool blankets in, handle them with care as wool fabrics can be tricky. Have your wool dry cleaned before stowing it away. If you would like to keep them at home, you can hand wash your wool blankets by filling a basin with cool water and an extremely gentle soap. Let your blanket soak and then carefully press out any excess water and lay flat to dry. Fold them up and place them somewhere dry until you need them again.

4. Faux fur

Fashionable and timeless, faux fur throws and blankets have become an increasingly popular trend lately. But what about when you’re ready to give them a rest? The truth is, you might be washing your faux fur garments incorrectly. This can take away from the look and feel of your stylish covering and make them not as cozy to cuddle into. Check the label of your faux fur throw to make sure it can be machine washed. Once you have confirmed that it can be, toss it in with some cold water, mild detergent, and no fabric softener. Tumble dry on the lowest setting or air dry if that is what you prefer. Preserve your blanket with vacuum sealed packs to make sure they stay clean, or opt for tote bags to store them in to reduce your use of plastic.

Remember to come back to our website and visit us each month for more Texas Furniture Hut tips, tricks, and trends. We offer seasonal everything from seasonal decor methods to cleaning advice and more! You don’t want to miss a thing.

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How To Pick A Couch

These days, there are so many options to choose from when shopping for furniture. You might be asking yourself, “Which style do I like? How will I know if it fits with the rest of my room? Is it easy to clean?” These are all some valid questions to have when you begin to look for that perfect sofa to set the mood for the rest of your living space. But where do you start? Before you buy, we have a list of four things to consider so that you can get a firm grasp on how to pick a couch that best fits you, your home, and your lifestyle.

1. Sofa size

Before you shop you should measure the room your new couch will go in. You don’t want to start your search for a new couch only to fall in love with a piece of furniture that is either too large or too small to comfortably fit your space. Begin your couch shopping the smart way and use some measuring tape to map out how big your room is and what size couch you think you can make work. If you still have questions or are unsure of what to get, take your room measurements to your desired furniture store and discuss the details with the sales associates there to get their expert advice. You want to make sure you have enough room to relax, walk through or around other furniture like a coffee table or loveseat, and place surrounding home décor accordingly. For those pairing their new sofa with an area rug, take a look at one of our blogs which properly explains how to position an area rug within your home and around your furniture.

2. Fabric quality & care

The foundation of your new sofa lies in both the structure and materials. Yes, you can pick an inexpensive leather material alternative for your new couch, but you will be missing out on what quality fabric can do for you. For starters, cheaper material tends to break down faster and can be extra hard to clean. This means you’ll not only be scrubbing more often while you have it, but you also won’t have it for too long if you’re putting your couch through everyday use. It’s better to go with premium leather that you don’t mind caring for properly, or turning towards high-quality faux leather furniture like this Sheridan Living Room Set. You’ll spend a little more but the durability of your furniture will be worth it in the long haul.

Fashionable materials like velvet or silk might look amazing, but they can become easily destroyed in high traffic areas. These delicate materials are high maintenance, require careful use, and professional cleaning so they can remain showstopping. Don’t be discouraged if you have your heart set on an exquisite silk or velvet couch! An upholstered couch made from these materials can be an attractive addition to a lightly used parlor or sitting room. However, if you would like to place your newly found sofa in a home with pets or children, be aware that it may be difficult to maintain.

3. Always in style

After you have established the size, shape, and type of fabric you prefer in your living area, uncover what style or types of styles you might be leaning towards. The best advice we can give is to not get too caught up in the latest trends and choose a design that makes you comfortable. Couches usually end up being a huge part of your entire home décor for years to come. So while a bright teal sofa seems like the super sleek new trend right now, you may not want it to be the focal point of your home ten or even twenty years from now. If bold colors and eye-catching patterns are your comfort zone, feel free to explore a ton of unique upholstery options that reflect your own personal sense of style. For those who would like to tone down their furniture to fit the rest of the room, neutral shades and minimal patterns will be just for you. You can always refer to an interior designer if you feel like you need some help arranging the rest of your room around your sofa.

4. The right price

Establish a budget for yourself and be reasonable about how much you can truly afford to spend on a new couch. This will make shopping for one a tad easier, as you will have already placed boundaries for yourself and your wallet. The true goal here is to buy a sofa that fits:

- Your budget

- Your room

- Your style

When you shop Texas Furniture Hut, you might be surprised at what you can find that fits your budget! We specialize in quality, luxury furniture for less because we want to make sure that you genuinely love the furniture you select. Find gorgeous individual pieces and entire sets for 20% less than retail every day. Visit either one of our showrooms in Cypress and Katy, and come back to our blog each month for the latest tips, tricks, and home trends.

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How To Style A Console Table

Console tables can be a great addition to your home. They can evoke a sense of elevated décor and provide an additional piece of functional furniture in the home as well. But if you just purchased one and aren’t sure how to dress it up, you can keep on reading for tips on how to style a console table to fit your personal sense of function and fashion.

What’s the point?

Once you have all of your staple furniture pieces established, a console table can add that extra bit of extravagance and functionality you might be looking for in your furniture. Console tables should be seen as more than just an additional piece of furniture to fill in the empty spaces and instead, be viewed as a new opportunity to organize and elaborate your sense of style. You can place almost anything on your console table and keep treasured items on display, or establish a new resting place for your keys and wallet. While looking at your console table might cause some confusion on where to begin, it’s really quite easy to make it a part of your home that you’re proud of. Try these various elements of décor to help achieve the look you want from your console table.

...........................................................................................................Polished and refined

Stack it up: Have a favorite subscription or coveted collection of books? Create a stack to display on your console table. Magazine and book covers can surprisingly create an attractive assortment to display on your console table. You may also stack vertically by placing your books between charming bookends. Build an asymmetrical arrangement by putting your books on one end of the table and setting a tall, slender vase on the other.
Artful display: Utilize your console table to show off your favorite pieces of artwork. Let your taste in art tell a story about you, and arrange your desired pieces in a way that balances out the rest of the room. For example, if you would like to show off a priceless ceramic statue, consider putting it on one side of the table instead of the center, and balance it out by placing a coordinating minimalist table lamp to keep the statue as the main focal point.
Fresh feeling: The console table is a fantastic area to feature fresh flowers, plants, and small succulents. Whether they’re real or not, you are sure to add a little nature-inspired flair to your living room, dining room, or entryway.

BONUS TIP: Give your plants a seasonal twist by trading out your everyday florals with tiny pumpkins for fall, and fragrant herbs for summer.

When decorating your console table, keep in mind the material that your table is made of. You wouldn’t want to set items on top of your table that could easily damage the finish and ruin the integrity of the table itself. Make sure your console table is cleared off and clean of any dust or other debris before decorating, and do your best to keep it clean even after you have locked in the look that you want.

More than just décor

Believe it or not, your console table can offer a huge chance to add some extra storage space and help you get organized! This can include using baskets, decorative boxes, and bowls to keep things neat and tidy. You can try to place small woven or wooden baskets under your table to hold items like retractable umbrellas, rain boots, or anything else you might like by the front door. You can also use baskets to throw today and yesterday’s mail in. If you would like to take an extra step, you can separate them out into categories like bills, recycle, and personal. Next, you can use gorgeously designed bowls and boxes to store smaller objects like your keys or cell phone. Boxes can make your tiny trinkets appear hidden to visitors while they work as an attractive addition to your home look.

At Texas Furniture Hut, we have a number of beautifully constructed console tables to shop from. You can even browse console tables from our collection of luxurious name brands like Universal Furniture, and Flexsteel Industries. Feel free to share our blog about how to style a console table on Facebook, and come back every month for additional home tips.

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How To Clean Couch Cushions

After a few hours of labor, you have finally managed to dust, disinfect, sweep and vacuum. But what about your furniture? While the rest of your home may look neat and tidy, you might find that your furniture looks dull and dirty, which can leave the rest of your house looking dreary by association. We’re going to walk you through a simple tutorial on how to clean couch cushions as well as the rest of the couch depending on the type of couch you have.

Before we begin

Use the attachment on your vacuum to get rid of any unwanted dirt and debris from the outermost layer of your couch, couch cushions, and in between the cracks down to the frame of the couch. Doing this will make the cleaning process easier as you go along. If you have pets, try to vacuum up pet hair and dander from your cushions as well before attempting to spot clean. Use the vacuum attachment with a brush to gather up hair as you go along. You will also want to make sure to carefully spot test an ambiguous area on your couch to test any treatments and make sure they are safe to use on your couch. You don’t want to damage an entire couch because of a missed opportunity to spot test.

...........................................................................................................Take off the cushions & casings

Once you’ve vacuumed up excess pet hair and dirt, it’s safe to pull the cushions up and out. Before beginning the true cleaning process, read furniture care instructions carefully to ensure that you won’t ruin the fabric. If your casings are safe to run through the washing machine, you can place each one in the wash with a delicate detergent on a cold water cycle. Using cold water can keep your cushion cases from shrinking while being cleaned. You may also follow up the wash with the sanitize setting on your machine if you happen to have one. While your cushion cases are being washed, you should leave your actual cushions out to get some air. Once your cushion cases are done being washed, you can throw them into the dryer on a gentle cycle, and pull out promptly when dried. Once clean and dry, you can put your cushion cases back where they belong on your cushions.

What if my cushion cases can’t be washed?

We have a few solutions that can help for cushion cases that cannot go through a washing cycle in the machine, or if your cushions are not exactly detachable. There are a few various methods to cleaning different types of couch materials including:

    • Leather: Use a soft cloth and cleaning agent made especially for leather to solve spot issues on your leather sofa and cushions. You can also use a DIY recipe of 1 part water to 1 part white vinegar in a clean spray bottle to help get rid of those stubborn stains. Simply spray the solution onto the problem area and use a soft cloth to gently rub away any dirt or grime. Allow your couch to completely dry before attempting to sit on it again.

  • Fabric: Make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water to focus on set in stains. Use a brush to scrub at the stain and loosen the mess. In addition to cleaning cushions and spots with your baking soda and water mixture, you can also use a generous sprinkling of baking soda on the entire couch to help remove stains and soak up less than appealing smells. After letting the baking soda sit for about 15 minutes, use the small attachment on your vacuum cleaner to pick up the remaining baking soda. You’ll be left with a clean and fresh smelling couch.
  • Suede (microfiber): Use a paper towel to soak up liquid stains immediately as they happen. To spot treat suede, you can use a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of dish soap to spritz onto the stain and loosen it up. Apply a suede brush to the stain and use gentle motions to remove the stain.

Again, check the label on your furniture before you begin giving it a deep clean.

...........................................................................................................Give it some breathing room

You want to make sure your couch and couch cushions are completely dry before letting people sit on them again. This means you will want to make sure your family and pets steer clear from the living area for a little while during the couch cleaning phase of your tidying up process.

If you have just cleaned a fabric or microfiber couch, you can give it a finishing touch by spraying some fabric freshener in a sweeping motion over your completed work. Let the freshener dry as well before sitting.

If you have any excessive damage to your sofa such as burns, set in stains, or rips and tears, you might want to consider purchasing new furniture or furniture sets that fit within your budget. When you shop with Texas Furniture Hut, you might even get more than you would think! We offer tons of luxurious sets and individual pieces at wholesale prices made to fit you and your lifestyle. We even offer furniture made out of top-quality stain resistant fabric. Still not convinced? Take a look at our website and browse both leather and upholstered living room collections at prices so low, you might even get some accessories to match.

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Flexsteel Industries

Pick out furniture that reflects sleek simplicity with our large selection of items from Flexsteel Industries. This top-selling brand makes a number of quality pieces for all of the main rooms in your home including living room, dining room, and bedroom sets. With an array of Flexsteel collections to choose from, we’re highlighting a few looks you can find when shopping Flexsteel Industries with us at Texas Furniture Hut.

Rustic chic

Achieve the look of rustic excellence with rich wood pieces sporting bold lines from Flexsteel’s Carmen, and Carpenter selections of furniture.

Allocate Room For EVERYTHING

When spacing out room for furniture items, sometimes we only account space for the big stuff. But don’t fool yourself, a living room is typically full of lamps, tables, lamps and tables! Before you add any significant items, be sure to have proper measurements of each furniture piece. Also allocate the 10–12 inches of spacing that you may have in between a lamp, table, or chair. These measurements all add up into your total room space.

The Carmen King Bedroom Set complements one other by using quality oak veneers and solid wood to set the foundation of each piece. Darker notes in the wood are implemented from piece to piece to accompany the varying finishes throughout the collection. In Flexsteel’s Carpenter Dining collection, reclaimed wood planks and heavy metal frames are used to create a selection that boasts a more industrial-inspired look. Exposed bolt heads along the frame of each piece makes this furniture perfect for those who love a ranch-style home look.

Leather luxury

Looking for genuine comfort? Enjoy movie night in true cinematic fashion with power recliners, and sofas from some of Flexsteel’s fine leather collections like Dominique, Colton, and Wicklow.

With Colton’s Power Reclining Set, you’ll get a beautiful addition to your own made from deep coffee-colored leather with built-in USB ports for the more tech savvy members of your family. Or choose the Dominique Power Reclining Loveseat comfortably fits two with a middle compartment perfect for fitting your favorite snacks and refreshments while you lounge. Of course, there’s also the Wicklow Power Reclining Set that comes in a lighter shade of beige to better blend into any home setting. Gliding power mechanisms make this set exactly what you need for maximum relaxation.

Back to Basics

With Flexsteel’s Arrow Living Room Set, you get quality living room furniture met with simplicity built into the design. Clean lines and classic fabrics make this living room set easy to incorporate into a variety of home settings. The sofa itself comes in a natural shade of cream while the coordinating chair and ottoman add just the right pop of color in a relaxing blue hue. When decorating a room around this collection, throw in harmonizing tones of green and shell to keep to a spa-like theme. Feel free to spice it up with bright shades of coral, or take it down a notch with lush shades of red and berry.

Casual get-together

Serving small bites and drinks for some friends? Decide on a living room table from Flexsteel that fits in with your specific tastes. The Patina Cocktail Table echos sophistication with its glass top and antique mirror base, while the Raku Coffee Table makes for a more unique conversation piece in your choice of classic copper, blue, or jade.

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How To Position An Area Rug

Choosing an area rug that’s right for you and your home can change the look of your whole living space in a snap. It’s a small interior touch that can give off the look and feel of a pricey professionally designed home. How to position an area rug, once you have one selected, might seem a bit tricky but is truly simple once you begin to break it down.

Size and shape

Be careful not to choose a rug that’s too small, and make sure the new area rug you have will fit into the room you’ve chosen to design. Measure the room to get the best idea of what to buy when looking for a rug. There are a few options and shapes out there to choose from to best suit your home. The most common rug shapes include rectangular, and oval rugs.

Make it fit into any room in your house:

  • Living Room: After measuring your space, find out where your living room furniture lands and whether you want all pieces on the rug, front legs on the rug, or off completely. Larger rugs will give a more comforting feel, while smaller rugs can make a nice accent piece.
  • Dining Room: In a dining room, it is best to find a rug that fits your entire dining set. A rug placed in the dining area can help give the entire room an added level of sophistication. Allow some extra rug room (24 inches recommended) that extends beyond the legs of your dining furniture for foot space, and added allowance of wiggle room for chairs to be pushed in and out. In the dining room, it is also recommended that you find an area rug that can be cleaned if necessary as dining rooms tend to produce more spills than other rooms in the house.
  • Bedroom: Rug placement in the bedroom can vary much like the living or family room. Opt for a rug that fits the entire bed, and extends (12-18 inches recommended) beyond the frame itself. That way, when you wake up and get out of bed, you step on a soft rug instead of a hard floor. If you are attempting to appease a smaller space and budget, find a small rug, and place it just beyond the foot of the bed to give the room some additional character.
  • Hallway: A longer hall rug should extend just enough to cover the majority of the pathway. If the edges of the rug must be crammed or folded up the wall in order to fit, the rug is too large for the hallway. Finding a rug that is capable of handling high traffic, and that can also be easily cleaning is a plus.

Indoor vs outdoor rugs

Pay attention when looking for a rug and make sure the material you select will be able to withstand the environment around it. While outdoor rugs are more versatile and can be used indoors with the right conditions, indoor rugs should be used inside. An indoor rug placed outside can not only get destroyed when exposed to the elements, it can also mold if it has come in contact with water. Taking a chance like this could result in wasting a good amount of money. That being said, outdoor rugs can make fantastic additions to spaces that experience a little more wear and tear. For example, those who have children may find that an outdoor rug can prove to be useful in the kids’ playroom as it can handle heavy spills, and activity.

Hopefully this offers some assistance on how to position an area rug in your home. At Texas Furniture Hut choosing attractive, affordable rugs has never been easier. We have beautiful rugs available in various sizes to choose from at reasonable prices. Visit either one of our locations in Cypress and Katy, and take a look at our Design Center to see how you can customize your dream home from room to room.

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Resort Inspired Home Decor

Create your personal getaway

Can’t get away for the spring season? Or maybe you are just looking to give your home a facelift geared towards something that feels a bit more relaxing. Try the latest home trend in 2018 which incorporates resort inspired décor ranging from using hues of calming blues and greens to tiny nautical touches and nature rich greenery. Take a look and decide how you can bring the vacation vibes into your home.

Settle into a spa-like sanctuary in every room of your home with minimal effort, and welcome the relaxing mood of a resort with these 3 tips.

Painter’s paradise

Some of the most popular paint colors you might see sprouting up consist of cool blues and greys, natural shades of sage, soft creams, and deep tones of dusty rose, coral, and cranberry. Toss them all together, and you get a wonderful spread of paint shades that help create the perfect resort side retreat within your own home. If any of these colors spark your interest, visit your local housewares store and grab swatches and samples to place on your wall before making the change. If painting all walls sounds like too much of a commitment, pick one wall and make it an accent piece in your home.

Luxurious linens

You can change the look of a room with new linens in a snap. Start by introducing bright white towels into your bathroom for more of a spa feel. By matching those towels to other small bathroom accessories like soap containers, toilet seat covers, and wall hangings, you can create the illusion of being at a private retreat.

Take the inspiration to the living room or guest room and drape a soft, fuzzy throw in a deep accent color to balance out a room that mostly consists of oatmeal or cream shades. Expand to any bedroom setting, and consider purchasing new bedding to reflect the resort style that you’re after. For example, find just the right bedspread set in a cool grey to blend in better with what you already have, or pick up something in soft coral to add in a little more island flair. Add accent pillows with intricate designs or watercolor hues way to brighten up your living space.

Dream green

No sunny spa retreat is without its share of indoor plants. In this case, here are a few plants that look like they would be found on a dream vacation, but are fairly common and easy to care for.

  • Zebra plant - This plant has striped leaves and requires a lot of sunlight.
  • Split-leaf philodendron - The philodendron resembles what you might find on a tropical vacation and prefers moderate to bright sunlight.
  • Dracaena - The dracaena resembles a type of mini palm tree and requires medium sunlight.
  • Parlor palm - The parlor palm likes low light and resembles the look of a more classic, smaller palm tree.

Here’s to you and your soon-to-be island getaway. Remember to work your way from room to room and have minimal designs in mind. Anytime you’re in the mood for furniture revamp, come visit us at Texas Furniture Hut at either one of our showrooms in Katy and Cypress.

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How To Decorate Dining Table When Not In Use

Stuck on what to do with your dining room table when you are not entertaining at the moment? One of the most common issues people run into after they have found their dream dining room set is what to do with it when it’s not being used. The good news is that it is a common problem people have and the solutions are simple and affordable.

Instead of tossing coats, and piling clothes onto your dining room table, try a few of these handy tips to keep your dining room clean and attractive when it’s not being used.

Garden party

Begin to decorate using an eye catching centerpiece or flower arrangement that fits the look and style of your home. Start with something simple like white orchids to help keep up an elegant, classy look, or bright red tulips to assist in giving the dining room a nice pop of color. Table decor isn’t limited to floral pieces and can be extended towards other table decor. Succulents can also bring in some of that greenery from outside and make for a great centerpiece. Keeping something that reminds you of the great outdoors can make the inner decor seem more lively and upbeat.


When you’re no longer celebrating the holiday season, take the time to collect some of your beloved items gathered from great travels. This may mean you have an array of artistic artifacts you would love for others to see, or you may have a whole selection of trinkets picked up from over the years. This is the perfect moment to bring them out, set them up how you like, and display them. Worldly items make for fantastic conversation pieces and help give those pieces a special purpose.

Tray display

You cannot underestimate a good table tray. With so many modern twists on the classic, unattractive plastic rendition, it’s easy to find a beautiful tray to hold some of your favorite items right on top of your dining room table. For example, instead of scattered kitchen pieces, keep your coasters, vintage teapot, and an array of teas featured in a solid wood tray to make for both a useful and charming presentation.

Modern art and pottery pieces

If you happen to be someone who is a fan of modern art and pottery, using your dining room table as a premiere display setting for those pieces. If anything, it can add additional room to showcase some of your favorite works of art. Place a sculpture, vase, or other work in the center of the table to draw eyes towards the art itself. Keep the decorations around the piece to a minimum or none at all to make sure the center focus stays where it needs to and doesn’t look too cluttered. Be wary about this type of decor if you have children or pets in your home. It is always best to put large, breakable pieces away or out of reach to avoid hurting your loved ones and keeping your precious art pieces in tact.

Personal touch

Another way to set up your dining room table when not in use is to collect photos you love in frames and arrange an interesting collage for visitors to see when they stop by for a visit. Photos can tell a great deal about a person, and it would be a sweet way to show all of the people and things you love in one standout setting. Print out a few wedding photos you never quite got to before. Take a nice shot from a candid family portrait to place for all to see. You can also take the opportunity to restore old family photos and have sentimental, vintage images that help to remind you of the importance of family.

Sets of simplicity

Think of items you love to see in your home in clusters. For example, 3 candles in your favorite signature beach scent could look great set up on your dining table. Another option can be displaying family pieces you thought you might never use, like those crystal candlesticks that stay wrapped up in your closet.

Asymmetrical objects can make a exquisite addition to your dining space as well. For example, place a matching set of urns on one side of the table and balance it out with a beautiful tray full of coasters on the other side.

Protect the integrity of the table

Before buying expensive bouquets of flowers, and setting them up to your liking, take into consideration what kind of material your dining table is. You want to choose focal pieces that won’t cause any damage to your table. Read up on proper cleaning instructions before positioning decorations. For wood tables, stay away from harsh chemicals and use dry cloths to get rid of dust. For marble, make sure your marble is protected with a proper sealer and wipe up spills immediately. To clean marble surfaces, use an extremely mild soap and damp cloth. Wipe up any remaining residue and dust to keep the marble looking polished. For glass, keep away from placing heavy objects on top of them to avoid shattering the tabletop. Use a microfiber cloth to dust, and glass cleaning solution to keep your table glowing.

Whatever you decide to do to make it yours, all of us at Texas Furniture Hut are here to help. Go online or visit us in store to look at our collection of dining room sets, and other fine accessories to help make your house feel like home.

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Be More Productive This Year: Tips To Makeover Your Home Office

With the new year comes a new determination to put procrastination habits aside in favor of productivity. If you work from home, finding the motivation to be productive can be difficult, but there are several things you can do to create the perfect, productive work space in your home.

The perfect office space

Although it’s tempting to browse furniture catalogs and social media for the best aesthetics, it’s important to remember that productivity and functionality go hand in hand. You’ll need furniture that helps you organize important papers and decor that motivates you to accomplish your goals and finish tasks. Then you can focus on adding the perfect decor to tie it all together. The perfect home office space is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Create a functional space

When creating your home office space, there are a few important questions you should ask yourself before you begin:

  • What tasks do I need to perform?
  • What materials do I need to store?
  • What technology do I need?
  • Will customers or colleagues visit?

The answers to these questions will inform the general setup of your home office space. When choosing furniture for your space, it’s important to prioritize desk and storage space.

Choosing a desk

Your desk will be the most important piece of furniture in the room since you will spend most of your day sitting at it. The desk you pick should be a perfect synergy of style and storage capacity. Dell recommends that, when selecting a desk, you should pick one that has the most flat space for its size. Surface space is important because it allows you to spread out without feeling claustrophobic. Make sure you have enough leg room to sit comfortably for hours. Consider how many drawers you’ll need to store your papers and other materials. If you’re right-handed, it might be helpful to make sure the drawers are on the right so they’re easily accessible.

Other furniture

Adding file cabinets, bookshelves and arm chairs will add functionality to your space. If you hate seeing clutter, consider choosing solid cabinets instead of glass-front or open shelves. This way, you can store more of your things out of sight. If clients or colleagues will visit your home office, consider adding a small sitting area to accommodate them.

Get more comfortable with Ergonomics

Finding a good desk chair is not only important for your comfort but also for your overall health. Sitting in a poorly designed chair for hours a day can wreak havoc on your neck and your back.

Here are a few important considerations for the perfect desk chair:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adequate lower back (lumbar) support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Should swivel and roll
  • Comfortable padding

Make it look good

In addition to creating a functional space, you should focus on putting together a space you enjoy spending time in. There are several aesthetic touches you can add to your home office that can promote productivity.


Picking paint

Focusing your energy on a space that makes you feel comfortable and productive can make all the difference. One great and fairly simple way to do that is by choosing a paint color for your home office that can help make you feel this way. If your home has a much larger office than you care to paint yourself, call in the professionals to get the job done in a decent manner of time. But it you have a smaller home office or simply don’t mind taking on a little more work, visit your local home store to choose the colors that’s right for you. Gravitate towards hues of blue and green for a more calming effect in your home office, or stick to rich shades of neutral. If you enjoy more of a creative energy, go for a brighter color or cool pattern that helps you feel more inspired like a sunny yellow or black and white striped accent wall. An accent wall, or picking just one wall to paint, can be a fantastic use of decor. It can give any room just the right amount of pop without going overboard on any shade or texture.

Bring the outside in

Office plants are no joke and should be utilized to the best of their ability. You may be stuck indoors while at work, but hopefully you enjoy what you’re doing and can bring some of the outdoors inside to help not feel so locked in. Greenery can give a room a breath of fresh life and help make you feel relaxed as well. A few plants to keep within your office that are durable and easier to care for than others include aloe, bamboo palm, and the Boston fern. Aloe requires little water but should sit next to a window to get full sunlight. Catch a small papercut? Simply break off a tip of one of the branches and use the aloe within to provide some natural relief. The bamboo palm is another plant that is not too fussy about water and does not need a ton of light to survive. Use filtered water to keep it healthy and be sure the soil is not too dry. As for your Boston fern, keep the soil moist and mist the fern every now and again to be sure it stays thriving in your brand new office space. Before taking in office plants, make sure they are safe enough to have around pets or small children. For those who feel as though they will kill anything they touch, not to worry! Head to your local home decor spot, pick up a few plastic plants and keep them well dusted to give the impression of greenery in your home office.

Here at Texas Furniture Hut, we can not only help you furnish your dream space, we can also assist you in the decor process as well. Continue to check out our blog to get some useful pointers and tips to making a space that works for you and your family.

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