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Build a Whole Home Look with TFH

Find your whole home look with quality furniture found at Texas Furniture Hut. We carry top designers complete with sets made to work together to combine seamlessly into your home. From more neutral shades to create a cozy feel to something colorful that makes the room pop, we have it all and would love to make ourselves a part of your everyday lifestyle.

We are giving you a walkthrough of 4 rooms with pieces that we think could make your house a home.


Your bedroom should be a place you can retreat to after a long day and feel perfectly safe and comfortable doing so. It is after all the last place you may see at night and the first thing you wake up to in the morning. So if it were us, we might want to start with furniture that can double as something stylish that gives off relaxing qualities, as well as an item or set that has ample storage to reduce clutter and make your bedroom feel more open. Our Élan King Bedroom Bedroom Set for example would be perfect to wake up to for a few reasons. For starters, it has a simple, and classic design which helps bring some elegance to the room. This set also comes in a beautiful pale wheat, almost ivory, shade which opens up the amount of options for design. Take a quick trip to your local home goods shop and pick up pillows and throws in various tones of blues and greens to reflect the look and feel of a spa. Matching dressers and nightstands make storage a breeze, and gives you that much more space to sleep well.

Home Office

For those who work from home on occasion or full-time, your home office should be a place that exudes productivity and organization. Did you just take a moment to laugh? Not to worry, we can get through this together. If your home office lacks these qualities, try to begin by getting the space clean. Throw away old, unnecessary documents and get rid of excess storage items like file cabinets and boxes. Gather together only what you need before you buy the furniture you like. Then, take a look at something like our Wellington Executive Desk and pair it with our Wellington Credenza and Hutch. Both boast a rich garnet cherry wood finish, and provide enough space organize and store items like office supplies, files, and books. Once you have your brand new furniture and cleared out office, you can get to work designing and making it yours. Hang your degrees on the wall in coordinating frames, get an ornate floor piece like this Northcote Adjustable Clock, or add a unique desk lamp like this Nickel Station Table Lamp.

Dining Room

The work day is over and it’s time to gather around the table and have dinner with the family. Now imagine sitting down at our Estes Park Dining Room Set that can seat up to six. The great thing about this set is that it’s geometric style with clean lines makes it easy to blend in to just about any home setting. It has a warm oak finish with a solid foundation made to last for years to come. Be sure to take care of your quality furniture and keep it clean by using less abrasive cleaners and soft cloths to wipe up spills, and it is certain not to let you down. Get a tad creative and place a medium vase of fresh flowers in the center of the table to brighten up the room, or light a few candles in the evening to give off a more romantic vibe. From a weekend breakfast with friends to a full holiday spread, this dining set can create a mood for making memories.

Living Room

The weekend is here and you have selected the perfect movie to watch with the family. The popcorn is drizzled in butter and slightly salted and it’s time to settle in, turn down the lights, and begin the adventure of a cozy movie night in. Why not set up on our Dakota Reclining Living Room Set? Complete with a sofa, loveseat, and recliner, each piece is made with soft brown fabric and constructed to provide luxurious comfort. Since this set comes in a pleasant neutral shade, you can dive right into decorating your living room how you like. Pick out floral oil paintings in a deep plum to add an accent color, get a large knitted throw in olive for more options, or display works of art you have collected from around the world and let them act as the focal point of your living room.

After you’ve gathered up your ideas and have a style in mind, visit us at Texas Furniture Hut at either of our locations in Cypress and Katy. We are more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for to help give your home new life.

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