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How To Position An Area Rug

Choosing an area rug that’s right for you and your home can change the look of your whole living space in a snap. It’s a small interior touch that can give off the look and feel of a pricey professionally designed home. How to position an area rug, once you have one selected, might seem a bit tricky but is truly simple once you begin to break it down.

Size and shape

Be careful not to choose a rug that’s too small, and make sure the new area rug you have will fit into the room you’ve chosen to design. Measure the room to get the best idea of what to buy when looking for a rug. There are a few options and shapes out there to choose from to best suit your home. The most common rug shapes include rectangular, and oval rugs.

Make it fit into any room in your house:

  • Living Room: After measuring your space, find out where your living room furniture lands and whether you want all pieces on the rug, front legs on the rug, or off completely. Larger rugs will give a more comforting feel, while smaller rugs can make a nice accent piece.
  • Dining Room: In a dining room, it is best to find a rug that fits your entire dining set. A rug placed in the dining area can help give the entire room an added level of sophistication. Allow some extra rug room (24 inches recommended) that extends beyond the legs of your dining furniture for foot space, and added allowance of wiggle room for chairs to be pushed in and out. In the dining room, it is also recommended that you find an area rug that can be cleaned if necessary as dining rooms tend to produce more spills than other rooms in the house.
  • Bedroom: Rug placement in the bedroom can vary much like the living or family room. Opt for a rug that fits the entire bed, and extends (12-18 inches recommended) beyond the frame itself. That way, when you wake up and get out of bed, you step on a soft rug instead of a hard floor. If you are attempting to appease a smaller space and budget, find a small rug, and place it just beyond the foot of the bed to give the room some additional character.
  • Hallway: A longer hall rug should extend just enough to cover the majority of the pathway. If the edges of the rug must be crammed or folded up the wall in order to fit, the rug is too large for the hallway. Finding a rug that is capable of handling high traffic, and that can also be easily cleaning is a plus.

Indoor vs outdoor rugs

Pay attention when looking for a rug and make sure the material you select will be able to withstand the environment around it. While outdoor rugs are more versatile and can be used indoors with the right conditions, indoor rugs should be used inside. An indoor rug placed outside can not only get destroyed when exposed to the elements, it can also mold if it has come in contact with water. Taking a chance like this could result in wasting a good amount of money. That being said, outdoor rugs can make fantastic additions to spaces that experience a little more wear and tear. For example, those who have children may find that an outdoor rug can prove to be useful in the kids’ playroom as it can handle heavy spills, and activity.

Hopefully this offers some assistance on how to position an area rug in your home. At Texas Furniture Hut choosing attractive, affordable rugs has never been easier. We have beautiful rugs available in various sizes to choose from at reasonable prices. Visit either one of our locations in Cypress and Katy, and take a look at our Design Center to see how you can customize your dream home from room to room.

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