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How To Revamp Old Furniture

Furniture is often something you intend to buy in hopes that it will last for years to come. But how do you know that you will still love the same piece of furniture twenty or even forty years from now? The fact of the matter is, you don’t! The good news is that you can do a few things to create the home look that you want at an affordable cost. Whether you have a piece of furniture that you know needs some sprucing up or an item that’s been handed down to you, you can use one of these useful tricks to update the look of your furniture.

Paint old pieces

Consider painting your outdated piece of furniture. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to paint wood furniture that best reflects your new sense of style.

  1. Remove hardware like drawer handles and pulls.
  2. Erase any trace of sticky or tacky residue from your furniture. Do this by first wiping down furniture with a solvent made to remove this type of residue (liquid TSP substitute works well for this step). A simple solution of mild soap and warm water will also work in some cases. Here’s more information on our blog on how to properly clean different pieces of furniture.
  3. Once completely dry, use a soft cloth to remove dust.
  4. Sand down to get a smooth and even finish. For larger pieces, you may want to consider purchasing or using a professional sander. For small pieces of wood furniture, you may be able to use handheld sandpaper to get the job done. Be sure to sand with the grain to ensure a silky surface.
  5. Carefully dust off all of the excess wood particles to ensure a smooth paint job.
  6. Prime your wood furniture with a nice coat of clear shellac made for furniture.
  7. Now you can paint! Use a paint that can easily be used on wood furniture. Have your heart set on a favorite color but don’t know if you can use it? Ask your local home department store if you are unsure about a paint product. Some safe choices in paint include chalk paint or paint with a satin or matte finish. Paint a second coat based on the directions on the paint can you are using.
  8. Use a top seal coat if necessary and let dry completely.
  9. Replace hardware and enjoy your new piece of furniture! BONUS TIP: Purchase new hardware to update the overall look of your wood furniture.

Refinish old wood

A fun way to refinish your old wood is by using 100% natural coconut oil. First, you may want to fill in any imperfections or holes with wood glue. Then, you can sand in some sawdust with the glue to create the perfect fill. By using a steel wool sponge and a bit of coconut oil, buff the oil into your wood to give it a sheen of moisture. Wipe away the excess coconut oil to refine its finish.

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