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An Expert's Guide to Laying Out Your Living Room

Let’s paint the picture. You’re excited about your new living room furniture, set, and/or accessories, but don’t quite know how everything fits together. For some of us organizing a living area is simplistic. For others, it takes a bit more thought. Fortunately for you there are proven methods to the madness of arranging a living space. We want your spot to not only look good, but also give you the most efficiency and meaning to the area that is being used.

Decide on a Focal Point First

Deciding on the focal point of your living area will help determine where the next dominoes fall. This could be a massive TV, a majestic fireplace, or a brand new coffee table that your recently purchased. Whatever you decide will be the piece that all of the furniture items are placed around. You need to have this item purchased or in mind, before you figure out what to do with the following items. If your focal point is a TV, the recommended distance from the unit should be between 8–12 feet. A fireplace however should remain under 8 feet. A table on the other hand can be more flexible, but should be an arms reach from your pieces. As you can see depending on what you set as the focal point, will dictate the sizing of your furniture. Oh yea, have you measured your living area yet? Get to it!

Allocate Room For EVERYTHING

When spacing out room for furniture items, sometimes we only account space for the big stuff. But don’t fool yourself, a living room is typically full of lamps, tables, lamps and tables! Before you add any significant items, be sure to have proper measurements of each furniture piece. Also allocate the 10–12 inches of spacing that you may have in between a lamp, table, or chair. These measurements all add up into your total room space.

What is Your Shape?

Each living area has its own shape. You should be attempting to buy furniture that best suits it. For instance, a big open area may be perfect for a stylish new leather sectional. Another house might be of the more closed in variety that would fit better with a cozy couch or loveseat. No matter how nice of the furniture, it has to fit the design of your living area. If you are unsure, it’s better to ask before going forward with your project!

Center the Rug

A beautiful rug adds a sense of elegance to any living room. Ensure that this rug is center, and a few inches in front of the sofa or chairs. You will always want to remember to allocate the spacing properly if a rug is an important part of your living room design.

We hope these tips can assist you in your furniture adventures! If you’re in the hunt for luxurious furniture at an affordable rate, you have come to the right place at Texas Furniture Hut. Located in Cypress and Katy, we’re confident that with our selection you’ll find your next big furniture piece within our walls. We hope to see you soon!

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