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Mattress Store

At our mattress stores in Katy & Houston TX we understand that choosing a mattress is unlike any other piece of furniture. There is a break in process that must happen before it provides its maximum comfort. You have to be able to see if it will adjust to your body in the way you desire, after all you will spend a third of your life on it. This trial period is 90 days because we know it takes more than a week or a month to break in a mattress and we believe our customers should have the best opportunity at purchasing a mattress that will fulfill all their needs. Once the 90 days are up, if it wasn’t a perfect match, simply return it to us and we will find you one that will be. To certify that you break in your mattress the right way, here are a few tips: 1) Don’t add bedding right away. Once your mattress is home, let it rest without bedding so that it can breathe. 2) Loosen it up. You can do this by walking on it as well as using your hand to apply pressure. 3) Heat it up. This is an essential step for a memory foam mattress because heat softens the mattress. 4) Take your time. It takes about a month for the mattress to start adjusting to your body. Don’t forget to take advantage of the mattress sale Houston has to offer with Texas Furniture Hut! With offers of up to half off mattresses and a 90 day guarantee, it’s a win win!

Don’t miss this mattress sale Houston has to offer! Stop by to save up to 50% on the best quality mattresses designed specifically to comfort your body. ​Texas Furniture Hut ​offers a 90 day guarantee in order to help you really test the mattress and ensure it’s the right fit.

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