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Fast Furniture: A Bad Trend that Needs to Stop

Fast Furniture: A Bad Trend that Needs to Stop

If you’ve heard of the term “fast fashion” then you might know where this blog might be heading. Fast fashion is a big problem of its own with the underpaid workers, excessive amount of material waste, and overuse of scarce resources. Unfortunately, a similar thing is happening with furniture.

People are opting to buy cheap furniture, you know the one, it’s usually a build-it-yourself, it falls apart within a year or two, and then you end up having to replace it almost as soon as you bought it. Quality is being overlooked, and consumers are not thinking about longevity or what issues the constant replacement of furniture is causing the environment.

Cheap Furniture Falls Apart Because it’s Poorly Made

Cheap furniture means cheap materials and cheap materials mean that they’re not going to last. Investing in high quality furniture pays off in more ways than one. For example, if you purchase a well made living room set, you will only need to go to the furniture store to buy the living room set once.

You may not be the type to save money on an entire living room set, but you might be tempted to save money on a coffee table because you think it’s small. You may think that it won’t be that bad of a replacement if it doesn’t last, but think about the long run. Why buy a coffee table 3 times if you can buy it once?

In the end, constantly replacing the cheap coffee table is going to wind up being more expensive than investing in a well made coffee table. As consumers, we must start thinking of furniture the same way we think of houses, as lifetime investments.

Stand Out From the Crowd: Steer Away From Mass Production

If everyone is buying the same items from the same place, isn't it safe to say that everyone’s home decor will look very similar? What ever happened to being unique? We should want to be able to tell a story about our furniture, why we chose that specific kind of wood, color, or style and how long it’s been in the family.

Your kids will come home from college with a smile on their face when they see the same couch they spent time on is still in your living room. Let’s not forget about the landfills that have to take our broken furniture. With everyone doing multiple replacements, it adds up.

How to Choose High Quality Furniture Materials

In the era of Google, it is easy for us to educate ourselves about what materials are long lasting and why. It is recommended to do some research on materials first and then decide on color and style. Here are some examples of long lasting materials:

  • Solid wood: It can be expensive but if you ever need to sell it, it has a high resale value that would give you a return on your investment, something a cheaply made piece would not be able to do.
  • Glass: Look for tempered glass that is thermally and chemically strengthened to reduce breakage. It will cost more but the elegance it brings to your home and its longevity will be worth it.
  • Metal: The material is chip resistant, a good option if you don’t want to get all wood furniture, and won’t be destroyed by your pets.

Of course there are pros and cons to these materials and that is why research is recommended so that you purchase what is right for you, your family, and your home. Fast furniture is a trend that should stop because it brings more harm than good. Consider shopping at a store like Texas Furniture Hut, where you can find high quality furniture that will last you a long time. If you’re struggling with choosing a style, check out our previous blog for inspiration.

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