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Build a Whole Home Look with TFH

Find your whole home look with quality furniture found at Texas Furniture Hut. We carry top designers complete with sets made to work together to combine seamlessly into your home. From more neutral shades to create a cozy feel to something colorful that makes the room pop, we have it all and would love to make ourselves a part of your everyday lifestyle.

We are giving you a walkthrough of 4 rooms with pieces that we think could make your house a home.


Your bedroom should be a place you can retreat to after a long day and feel perfectly safe and comfortable doing so. It is after all the last place you may see at night and the first thing you wake up to in the morning. So if it were us, we might want to start with furniture that can double as something stylish that gives off relaxing qualities, as well as an item or set that has ample storage to reduce clutter and make your bedroom feel more open. Our Élan King Bedroom Bedroom Set for example would be perfect to wake up to for a few reasons. For starters, it has a simple, and classic design which helps bring some elegance to the room. This set also comes in a beautiful pale wheat, almost ivory, shade which opens up the amount of options for design. Take a quick trip to your local home goods shop and pick up pillows and throws in various tones of blues and greens to reflect the look and feel of a spa. Matching dressers and nightstands make storage a breeze, and gives you that much more space to sleep well.

Home Office

For those who work from home on occasion or full-time, your home office should be a place that exudes productivity and organization. Did you just take a moment to laugh? Not to worry, we can get through this together. If your home office lacks these qualities, try to begin by getting the space clean. Throw away old, unnecessary documents and get rid of excess storage items like file cabinets and boxes. Gather together only what you need before you buy the furniture you like. Then, take a look at something like our Wellington Executive Desk and pair it with our Wellington Credenza and Hutch. Both boast a rich garnet cherry wood finish, and provide enough space organize and store items like office supplies, files, and books. Once you have your brand new furniture and cleared out office, you can get to work designing and making it yours. Hang your degrees on the wall in coordinating frames, get an ornate floor piece like this Northcote Adjustable Clock, or add a unique desk lamp like this Nickel Station Table Lamp.

Dining Room

The work day is over and it’s time to gather around the table and have dinner with the family. Now imagine sitting down at our Estes Park Dining Room Set that can seat up to six. The great thing about this set is that it’s geometric style with clean lines makes it easy to blend in to just about any home setting. It has a warm oak finish with a solid foundation made to last for years to come. Be sure to take care of your quality furniture and keep it clean by using less abrasive cleaners and soft cloths to wipe up spills, and it is certain not to let you down. Get a tad creative and place a medium vase of fresh flowers in the center of the table to brighten up the room, or light a few candles in the evening to give off a more romantic vibe. From a weekend breakfast with friends to a full holiday spread, this dining set can create a mood for making memories.

Living Room

The weekend is here and you have selected the perfect movie to watch with the family. The popcorn is drizzled in butter and slightly salted and it’s time to settle in, turn down the lights, and begin the adventure of a cozy movie night in. Why not set up on our Dakota Reclining Living Room Set? Complete with a sofa, loveseat, and recliner, each piece is made with soft brown fabric and constructed to provide luxurious comfort. Since this set comes in a pleasant neutral shade, you can dive right into decorating your living room how you like. Pick out floral oil paintings in a deep plum to add an accent color, get a large knitted throw in olive for more options, or display works of art you have collected from around the world and let them act as the focal point of your living room.

After you’ve gathered up your ideas and have a style in mind, visit us at Texas Furniture Hut at either of our locations in Cypress and Katy. We are more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for to help give your home new life.

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4 Ways to Clean Furniture Correctly
4 Ways to Clean Furniture Correctly

Are you using an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down granite countertops? What about products that contain certain levels of bleach? You could be making some major cleaning mistakes and not be fully aware of how it can be ruining your newly purchased furniture. Invest in the right techniques combined with the appropriate products to help keep your home neat and tidy.

Here are 4 common cleaning mistakes people make when they have bought new furniture and are not quite sure how to care for it properly.

Read the instructions

Seriously! If a large tag attached to your new piece looks unsightly, go ahead and take it off but save the contents by creating a folder or drawer somewhere in your home where they can easily be found. That way, when you’re ready to clean, you can refer back to those tags on how to do so correctly.

Keep stone pristine

Granite countertops can make a room look refined and unique but if not treated properly, granite surfaces can look dull, and washed out. Avoid bleach or harsh acidic cleaners—including solutions with orange or lemon—on your granite. Instead, opt for a mild soap and warm water when wiping down your sealed granite countertops. A microfiber cloth should do just fine. If you would like to go the extra step, purchase a specialized granite cleaner.

Avoid wood wear

Gently remove dust on your wood furniture with a duster that can remove the mess without dispersing it in the air. Getting rid of dust first can help reduce allergens and create a solid foundation for cleaning the wood. Next, be sure to avoid using water and multi-purpose cleaners to clean your wood furniture. They can ruin the finish and make the pieces look worn well before their time. If absolutely necessary for sticky situations, use a mild soap and warm water mixture to remove them for your wood pieces. Immediately dry after grime has been removed. To be safe, simply use a polish recommended by your furniture supplier.

Glass full of gleam

Glass can be tricky to take care of. While beautiful to look at, glass can easily gather dust and other gross contaminants you don’t want to see. Avoid hard chemicals when attempting to clean your glass items so they don’t dim in appearance. A microfiber towel will reduce the amount of annoying streaks when wiping glass surfaces down as well.  A final rinse of water mixed with a touch of vinegar will give it a striking shine.

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4 Additions to Liven Up the Room

You love your home but keep circling back to what might be missing. There seems to be something you can’t quite put your finger on, but you do know you want to see a slight change in the space you already have. Making minor adjustments to a room can open it up to some fantastic possibilities.

Here are 4 ways to change the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank to do it.

Fresh new coat

Plain white walls can begin to become drab after years of appearing clean and refined. It may be time to slap on a new coat of paint to refresh the energy of the room. If painting sounds like too much of a chore at the moment, try picking an accent wall to elongate the room you have chosen. One wall painted a shade of something you like can give the illusion of creating a whole new look out of nothing. Pop in a print if you happen to be feeling like going the extra mile, or stick to a matte finish for a style that remains chic and sophisticated.

Reflection of you

Some people have an issue with lighting in their homes. The home you have bought might be a bit older and lack the amount of outlets you desire, or you may just not want to add more lighting fixtures to a room you have designed to your liking. One trick to help illuminate your home without having to purchase additional lamps is to place mirrors on the walls like photo frames. For example, one large mirror added to the wall of a dining room has potential to reflect all of that already established light coming from the chandelier in the center of the room. An extra boost of light in all of the right places can give any room a brighter, more welcoming feel. A visit to your local craft store can reveal a whole section of mirrors for sale, sometimes with a discount offered, and mounting pieces attached to make the setup even easier.


If mirrors give you too many 70s vibes, then a solid lamp might be just the way to go. Pay attention to how much existing light you have in the room and build from there. Implement a sleek, modern lamp trimmed in silver, or go for that funky piece you saw a while back to spark the conversation when friends and family come over. After you have found a lighting fixture you truly enjoy, start experimenting with various light filters, and bulb wattage that’s safe to use on your latest addition of home décor.

Avoid excessive clutter

If you can’t seem to place your finger on the problem of your home, you may just have to lift one to get to the solution! People may not notice every tiny detail you’ve put into designing your space but they will always notice if it isn’t clean. If you can’t seem to remember the last time you gave each room a good scrub, it may be too long. Sometimes, the best feeling you can get from your home is when you know it is neat and tidy. It’s such a small shift to make but it proves to be hugely effective. Clear out unwanted items, dust, and dander and fall in love with your home once again.

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4 Looks for the Seasons

So maybe you have some solid sets of furniture but would still like to incorporate smaller pieces and switch it up with the changing seasons. It may be warm and humid outside, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting the inside of your home to resemble a sparkling winter in the woods, or a breezy springtime in the countryside.

Your interior may have an overall vibe that you’re thrilled about, but you can also add a touch of flair and fun to go with a certain special time of year. Here’s something to help guide you through decorating your home based on the seasons.


Usual go-to winter decor may include bright pops of red and green mixed with a loud clash of glitter and ribbons. But if you’re someone who may be looking to tone down the typical holiday look, try twisting the room to look more like a winter wonderland rather than Rockefeller Center. Use the space you already have available to bring some shine to the room by using accent pieces in tasteful shades of silver and gold. Maybe that means a brushed metal clock sitting on the mantle, or a snowflake photo frame with a picture of the family inside. Additional twinkling, white lights can also bring the magic of winter indoors while it remains chilly outside.


Setting the mood for spring can be a bunch of fun. Literally! By picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers―like two dozen pink roses or a heap of colorful tulips―it’s easy to set the feeling of spring in any room. It seems like a simple enough idea but the impact a few stems can make is huge for any room. If you feel you have enough color going on in your home and would like an alternative, white flowers or accents can deliver just as powerful of a punch. You can also add muted tones of blues and greens in candles, paintings, and lighting fixtures to find your spring zen.


Start summer decorating with pieces that stand out. Most people begin and end with a beach theme to tie summer together. Do you want to try exploring more than dried starfish and broken seaglass? Then turn it up and infuse with colors of summer foods like the vibrant shades of a juicy slice of watermelon. You can also stick to a healthy trio of tangerine, yellow and coral representing some bittersweet summer citrus. Toss them anywhere from throw pillows on your couch to textured curtains in your living room.


If you’re someone who enjoys a pumpkin spice latte when fall rolls around but thinks that orange may just not be your color, try a few new tricks to get the feel of autumn without going overboard. It is certainly possible to keep things neutral and go for apple reds and beiges to give any room a fall feel. Feel free to feature a plum tablecloth or runner on your dining set to touch on an autumn mood. Deep shades of olive in table trinkets or art can also be a great alternative. If you are open to pumpkins, place just a few around the home. For example, a beautiful glass blown pumpkin would look great on any end table.

At Texas Furniture Hut, we have both affordable and luxurious furniture options and accents to help you celebrate the seasons.

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4 Ways To Entertain

Customizing your home to fit your family and friend’s needs can be difficult to master. You may have guests who are intent on watching the game, which makes a formal dining affair not as essential. Or you might be looking to wow the crowd with an impressive spread that helps display your expert cooking.

Whether it be a cozy gathering of 6 or a sprawling presentation catered for twenty, here’s 4 ways to utilize each room in your home that will help you entertain guests throughout each upcoming holiday.

Indoor picnic party

If you’re starting the holiday season with a full house, think about using a bench-style table—like our Organic Forge dining table—as a way to set up food like a buffet so that kids and adults can easily grab-and-go and continue the party elsewhere in your home. It’s a great way to declutter your kitchen with people and free up the food area, so those who want seconds can return with ease.

A formal affair

Set the bar high and have an elegant dinner where guests pull up to something special like our Escalera dining room set. As many as 10 people can wine and dine at this type of arrangement. Plus, the large rectangular tabletop allows plenty of room for your best dishes and drinks without partygoers having to bump elbows too much.

For the football fam

Because entertaining should not be confined to the dining area alone, moving the party to the living room can open the options for your transforming coffee table. Enough for bowls of chips and dip, the table can also expand to make room for the guacamole and jalapeño poppers so you can be sure to keep those hungry football watchers happy.

Bar cart crowd

Sport a piece of furniture that ties the room together, like a sleek bar unit placed in an open party setting. It will encourage others to be their own mixologists for the night and gives everyone the fair chance to customize and create their own drinks to be just how they want. As an added bonus to your new bar area, you can place in some matching stools for some extra seating.

At Texas Furniture Hut, we have both affordable and luxuious furniture options to help you celebrate the seasons.

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Scary Furniture Stories

What’s scarier than Michael Myers, werewolves, or Count Dracula? For us it’s buying insufficient furniture that doesn’t last!  Everyone has their own scary furniture purchasing story. There’s no trick ‘r treating is going on here, and we want to assist you in the furniture buying journey. Let’s look at some horrific situations that will make give you the creeps!

A Sofa That Falls Apart in a Year

Did you just obtain that pretty looking sofa for a great price? We’re all about low prices at Texas Furniture Hut, but knowing what you’re getting for a low price is the key. Many of the cheaper sofas will use foam in their cushions that will flatten out in a short amount of time. Here’s a tip before buying. Ask the sales associate to unzip each cushion to see the foam inside. You should see a block of foam wrapped with cotton (or similar substance) with a protective inner cover. If you don’t see this, it’s likely a foam only cushion that is far less durable. Don’t buy a couch that turns into a pancake in a year!

Mattresses That Kill Your Back

So you’re at the store trying out mattresses. They feel soft, relaxing, and something you could see yourself in for the next few years. That’s great, but do you know what you’re truly buying? Many mattresses feel amazing in the showroom, just to start sinking shortly after. We don’t want you walking into work looking looking like you’ve been haunted by Freddy Krueger over the course of the night. We advise that you really focus in on the brand of mattress that you’re buying. Brands such as Tempur-Pedic or Stearns & Fosters are proven to last. See it like this. You could have back pain every few from a dying mattress or be forced into making a new mattress purchase before seven years go by. Or you could buy a clinically proven mattress that is form fitting to your body and can last up to two decades. You’re actually saving money!

Wood That Scratche

Have you ever bought a tabletop and put a gash right through the top of it immediately with barely any effort? Some aren’t meant to be durable, and it’s extremely frustrating to invest in furniture that is immediately damaged! We can save you from purchasing that tacky tablecloth to cover damages up! Ask your sales associate if the table you're buying is 100% solid wood? A lot of prefabricated furniture isn’t, and the materials used to build these tables are conducive to scratching.

Horror isn’t our favorite genre at Texas Furniture Hut, and we hope to alleviate any previous furniture buying pains you may have had! Our furniture collection is both luxurious and reasonably priced, allowing a buying experience like no other in the Greater Houston area.

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4 Types of Tables to Fulfill Your Living Room

As we move into the cooler months of the year, it’s a perfect time to shape up your living room. A table adds both personality and a place for storing miscellaneous items, while keeping a clean look. When walking into a furniture store you will notice a wide variation of table types. It’s important to know what kind of table you are searching for when walking in the door. Here are some common types that you will come across.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is the go-to table for most homeowners. This type of table is generally a long, low table which is usually centered in front of a sofa. This type of table can be doubled up as space to hold drinks, food, or a variation of items for a house gathering.

End Table

Maybe you already have the coffee table in your living area and need to spruce up another section of your room. An end table is a smaller piece that often measures below 30” in width and height. This small table is designed to compliment your furniture pieces, will supporting lamps, or accessories for looks. This is not a table you’d generally want to put beverages on.

Console Table

A console table is a piece that makes a bold statement for homeowners. Typically fixated against a wall, this table is supported by ormanted brackets and is usually used in decoration. This unit should be seen as an add-on for your room in comparison to a table for holding a plethora of objects. These tables compliment your walls, and can hold a few accessories such as a vase or group books.

Accent Chests

Accent chests serve a dual purpose for a perfected living space. These chests stay low to the ground and store a variety of objects like movies, books, or miscellaneous objects that only come out at certain times a year. The chest also doubles as a table standing at above 30 inches in height. With more room than an end table, these units offer placement for decorative plates, vases, pictures, or objects that you feel best fit. As with many of the other tables, the top of these chests are recommended for decoration and not for beverages.

If you’re in the hunt for luxurious furniture at an affordable rate, you have come to the right place at Texas Furniture Hut. Come in-store before October concludes to experience 20% off of all furniture items! See you soon in our Katy or Cypress, Texas locations!

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An Expert's Guide to Laying Out Your Living Room

Let’s paint the picture. You’re excited about your new living room furniture, set, and/or accessories, but don’t quite know how everything fits together. For some of us organizing a living area is simplistic. For others, it takes a bit more thought. Fortunately for you there are proven methods to the madness of arranging a living space. We want your spot to not only look good, but also give you the most efficiency and meaning to the area that is being used.

Decide on a Focal Point First

Deciding on the focal point of your living area will help determine where the next dominoes fall. This could be a massive TV, a majestic fireplace, or a brand new coffee table that your recently purchased. Whatever you decide will be the piece that all of the furniture items are placed around. You need to have this item purchased or in mind, before you figure out what to do with the following items. If your focal point is a TV, the recommended distance from the unit should be between 8–12 feet. A fireplace however should remain under 8 feet. A table on the other hand can be more flexible, but should be an arms reach from your pieces. As you can see depending on what you set as the focal point, will dictate the sizing of your furniture. Oh yea, have you measured your living area yet? Get to it!

Allocate Room For EVERYTHING

When spacing out room for furniture items, sometimes we only account space for the big stuff. But don’t fool yourself, a living room is typically full of lamps, tables, lamps and tables! Before you add any significant items, be sure to have proper measurements of each furniture piece. Also allocate the 10–12 inches of spacing that you may have in between a lamp, table, or chair. These measurements all add up into your total room space.

What is Your Shape?

Each living area has its own shape. You should be attempting to buy furniture that best suits it. For instance, a big open area may be perfect for a stylish new leather sectional. Another house might be of the more closed in variety that would fit better with a cozy couch or loveseat. No matter how nice of the furniture, it has to fit the design of your living area. If you are unsure, it’s better to ask before going forward with your project!

Center the Rug

A beautiful rug adds a sense of elegance to any living room. Ensure that this rug is center, and a few inches in front of the sofa or chairs. You will always want to remember to allocate the spacing properly if a rug is an important part of your living room design.

We hope these tips can assist you in your furniture adventures! If you’re in the hunt for luxurious furniture at an affordable rate, you have come to the right place at Texas Furniture Hut. Located in Cypress and Katy, we’re confident that with our selection you’ll find your next big furniture piece within our walls. We hope to see you soon!

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Gorgeous Fall Furniture That Will Liven Your Living Room

This fall give your living room a much needed facelift. From coffee and end tables, to chests and curios, accent furniture is a great way to highlight your existing decor and accessories. Whether your style is more rustic and traditional, or modern and sleek, Texas Furniture Hut can help you find the perfect match for your home. Check out some of our favorite furniture now, inspired by current seasonal trends.

Synchronicity Cocktail Table

This table captures a mid-century modern flare that will bring your living room space to life. It features a glass top surrounded by a gorgeous neutral beige frame crafted from hickory veneers and resting on an aged gold metal frame. The style is extremely unique and sure to catch the eyes of all your guest this season.

Pemberleigh Round End Table

The style incorporated into this end table is influenced by Old World Europe. With classic design elements and a grand scale, it is a beautiful architectural statement for your living room. The deep brandy finish is sure to integrate into your existing decor, while making a bold fall charge.

Seville Sofa Table

This stylish Seville Sofa Table will fit neatly behind your sofa or couch with sleek and convenient horizontal proportions. The rectangular Spanish travertine top provides ample space for your fall and winter decor. The steel base is finished in a trendy golden bronze that supports a beautiful marble surface.

Remix Display Cabinet

The Remix Display Cabinet combines French country, farmhouse style and makes it innovative and fun. Its metal construction creates an industrial look and feel with a touch of classic elegance. The glass display cabinet doors make it an excellent addition to a kitchen or casual dining space.

Whatever style you're looking to capture this fall, Texas Furniture Hut has it. Everything featured above is 20% off, along with all of our furniture items! Come in store before October 31st to take advantage of this amazing deal. Visit us now at our Katy, or Cypress locations in Texas.

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A Letter To Our Valued Customers

Dear Valued Customers,

First off, I would like to thank you for your confidence and commitment to Texas Furniture Hut. On behalf of our entire company I can tell you it warms our hearts to know you trust us with the heavy task of making your house a home. We know your choice of furniture reflects who you are, and will be in your home for many years to come touching the lives of your family, friends, and guests.

Over the years we have remained dedicated to our mission of providing our customers with affordable luxury furniture. Our stores are family-owned and operated and we strive to keep our overhead costs low, giving our customers the best deals possible, and the highest level of satisfaction. This has resulted in top quality name brands being sold for 30% less than most furniture retailers!

But, we know we can do more for you, our loyal customers. That is why we now offer more unique in-store amenities than ever! Now at Texas Furniture Hut you can customize your furniture for free at our Design Center, get professional and affordable white glove delivery service, and receive extensive credit options including up to 5 years interest free.

If there is anything we can do to improve our services, please contact us! We are here to listen and afford the best service possible. We want to provide you with quality luxury furniture that fits your budget and helps your furniture dreams come true.

Amir Burghli, CEO & Owner

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